Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Time out, er...Called Out, LOL!

So....I have been away for awhile and won't bore you with the, okay, okay EXCUSES!

I met a Lovely new friend yesterday. Here's the story... I make some pretty fun jewelry and one of my best gal pals, Apryl, was wearing one of my creations at her part time job. Apryl is one of those ever so bubbly, cute & friendly ladies who does fragrance at a Nordstrom in Riverside, Ca.
When Debbie saw it, she said she had to have one. Apryl gave her my email and voila, we met yesterday here at my Home. You know when you meet a kindred spirit and it just clicks? Deb is one of those people. I have met many along my creative journey, because of the art, antiques, thrift stores, etc that we all LOVE. Call us Junkers, antiquers, spirits from another time trying to re-create and restore the treasures of yesterday.

Deb did not only buy one bracelet, she bought 3. Thank you, thank you, thank you. She also lovingly chastised me for not blogging, blogging,, see Deb? Here I am with a new commitment to blogging several days a week.

Thank you for your purchases, your wonderful compliments and words of encouragement. I look forward to getting to know you more and venturing into the Women's Creative Group we talked about. Deb does all kinds of wonderful primitive work, dolls, etc. Deb's blog Can't wait to see it all!

XO and have a Fabulous Wednesday everyone!


  1. blogged!!!!!
    Love my bracelets, wore one of them all day yesterday!!!!!
    I will blog later on today!!!!

  2. Oh I'm sure Deb bought that peace jewelry for sure. I would have bought that for her if I saw it first. lol ADORABLE!!! Your things are great. Do you sell them on line??
    Deb is a great gal huh?? I just love her!!!! How could you not? She was so excited to go and meet you.

  3. Love your jewelry! (I saw them over at Deb's blog) I can't wait until you get more on your websites.

  4. Deb is a glad to meet her. Went to a little boutique I was recommended to in old town Upland...called Dahlia's Boutique. She bought over $700 dollars worth of Jewelry...Thanks Martha!!! So...I have to work on more pieces this week and then I PROMISE to get them on my website!!! Thanks soo much for your compliments, ladies!