Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Custom Marie's

Since making my first pink haired Marie a few years ago and this revamped one last December, I've taught two classes and made about 30 of them. (Actually, it's probably more, but I lost count)

These are my last two: 

A Gothic Victorian Marie.

I loved doing this black lacy Marie! Adding the red and gold accents were just too fun and her headpiece is my favorite element!  This is for a dear client of mine who collects my work and is getting married soon. I bet she looks a lot like this as her wedding is Gothic Victorian! Can't wait to see her wedding  pics! I believe this little girl will be on display at her nuptials. 

The second Marie is a gift from a mother to a daughter. A housewarming for her first apartment. Her daughter is a fan and follows my work. She knew exactly what she wanted. A pink and blue Marie with a tiny ship and a swan. 

The tiny ship is a vintage Cracker Jack charm that I delicately repainted. It's perfect!

The swan is sculpted of polymer clay and black details hand painted. 

I just adore these dolls and making them. It is such an honor they have r resonated with my customers and fans! 

Just finished a few seasonal pieces that will be available as custom orders or in class format at my studio. 

I will also be making just tiny cakes that will be for sale, so stay tuned on that! 

Thanks for stopping by!