Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Urban Barn

Finally posting about my weekend. 
Well, it was over 100 degrees in Escondido at The Urban Barn's Grand Opening.
Despite the heat, we had customers and many of my treasures found new homes.
Thank you to all of my loyal customers who braved the heat to come visit all of us!!

This fair skinned little angel was shopping with her Mommy, who had the foresight
to be sure her parasol shaded her from the sun AND matched her Tu-Tu!

Jamie and Lori Martin of "Two Wild Roses".

Lori's Fabulous Mannequin, bedecked in Victorian.

I finally remembered to bring my 4 lanterns that accent my canopy so well...

Miss Eliza Doolittle before she became My Fair Lady...

Bought this display stand from Jamie when I first met her...Nope, not for sale!!

"Bella" the mannequin belongs to my Regina,

Rita did this fabulous bottle display under her canopy...genius!

Even Linda Carpenter's Trailer was bedecked for tours...

This amazing lady is Deb Kennedy of http://www.retreatstyle.com/.
Her and her hubby Bob traveled all the way from Washington State to be her.
Their work is amazing and I made a new friend...Lovely people who I felt so sorry for.
They aren't use to the kind of heat we were having.

The space below belongs to Sandra Finn
Sandra Bought the little white hand from me.
All though We are polar opposites in terms of style....
I LOVE color and she Hates it...we both respect
each others work.

Super Handsome Rockabilly band played in the bed of Mary's pickup truck...
The young girls were swooning...too cute!

The Barn was Beautiful.  The ladies really did a great job pulling it all together.
Happy Tuesday all!


  1. Looks like SO much fun! I would have loved to been there, heat and all! Saturday was miserable at the store, even with the a/c on. Glad we have our "regular" weather back!

    Take care, Sue

  2. We love you too Lisa. The best part was the swimming pool after,lol.

  3. What fun photos you captured~~I was in Manhatten beach with 48 mermaids! So I couldn't make it~~

    Looks like a wonderful celebration:)
    Thanks for sharing,


  4. Thanks girlie. I love the hand I bought from you, which is now at home it it's collection. You are a breath of sunshine and I always admire your work and talent!!
    XO Sandra

  5. WOW! looks like a FUN time, I hope to make the next one.