Saturday, July 31, 2010

Altered Couture

In my mailbox yesterday I was so happy to find copies of Altered Couture and Home,
both of which I am honored to be published in.

Of the three article I wrote for Altered Couture, my FAVORITE is 

"Ode To Eliza"

They are my fingerless gloves I devised, some using knee socks.
Happily in the Audrey Hepburn section of the magazine.
Who doesn't LOVE Audrey?
I grew up addicted to Old Movies.  Particularly Musicals.
LOVING musical theatre, 6 years were spent in choir/drama between church and Junior & 
High school.
My dream was to be a singer.
Much to the chagrin of my brother, I sang ALL of the time growing up.
But, I am am an Artist/Mother who listens to music all of the time and is a Singer to my Kids, dogs, Honey and  bird...I'm sure my neighbors hear me sometimes too.
 I know every line and all the music by heart in too many musicals to list, but 
"My Fair Lady" is probably my Fave...along with Moulin Rouge.

Also published were some shoes I altered...
The flats are sold, but the black and white still reside in my closet!

At any rate, thank you Beth Livesay 
and Stampington for publishing me.

Also published are many of friends, Deb, Debi, Laina and Rachel.

Good Job Ladies!!


  1. Beautiful article! Congratulations...."My Fair Lady" is my all time favorite movie too. I love every song in it, and what can you say about Audrey? She was stunning in everything she did!

  2. Congrats Lisa ..

    Your artisty is amazing !!! What Beautiful Articles ..You must be on Cloud 9 !!!

    ..And Abbs Loves musicals and Sings too ..You too would have loads of fun together ...LOL !!

    Hugs ..Sara

  3. Congratulations Lisa! I love those shoes! You never cease to amaze me in your creativity! karen...

    Ps. are you coming to Glitterfest?
    I am still asking all my favorite vendors to keep an eye out for dolls for you! hugs! karen...

  4. Congrats Lisa!! See, hard work really does pay off!! Can't wait to pick up the magazine.

    Take care, Sue

  5. Well when it rains it pours.....lots of published creations....soooo cool. You are indeed an artist with some wonderful ideas.....can't wait to see the magazines. Congrats!

  6. You know I love My Fair Lady. And I adored these! Fabulous! IT's an honor to work with you. So glad you love these two issues as much as I do. See you soon! xo