Thursday, August 5, 2010

Lita's Little Mermaid "Bling Baby"

A good customer of mine who LOVES mermaids and owns on of my Mermaid Necklaces
custom ordered a Bling Baby.  She gave me complete artistic freedom, only
asking that I make her in pinks/aquas and mermaid-y!

This darling little lass will be shipped to her in the next few days.

When I emailed her pics of her, she was tickled "Mermaid Pink"
and can't wait for her arrival.

If you are interested in learning how to make one of your very own Bling Babies, I will be doing a class in Rainbow, Ca on August 22nd and some time in September at The Garden of Beaden 
in Upland, Ca.
Email me for info or to sign up!

Have a Beautiful Day!!!


  1. Ciao Principessa! She is the cutest thing EVER! Regina

  2. Lisa,She is over the top!!!!I love the colors on her.Your work is so amazing!!!Robin

  3. Oh, I love her!!! She's adorable!

  4. Ok Lisa...Now she is CUTE!!!! What a sweet little face. Have a great class today, the girls in the "garden" are thinking about you!!!! :)