Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Studios Re-Do

As many of you know and as is the same for many of you, my Studio is part of my home.
For me, my studio is broken into three locations...
my family room, one side of the garage and a tiny cottage in the back yard.

While I really need the garage space for the dirtier part of my job, metal working, re-wiring, cutting baby dolls in half...and my inside studio which is suppose to be the Family Room is also super vital and my most favorite space with high a high ceiling, view of the garden and where sounds of my fountain and pond waterfall come flowing in.
The tiny cottage however darling, is the least efficient and basically serves as overflow.

This girl is tired of overflow and is streamlining operations...so the Cottage
is being emptied and it's contents sold or blended into my current Studio.

So here is a pic of one corner of my Studio...

The armoire and GORGEOUS bookshelf are going Bye-bye...

Also for sale will be a couple really cute vintage end tables, a Italian tole chandelier, antique hand painted mirror and various bric-brack that I think will accompany me to the Chateau de Fleurs sale in 17 days...or you can come shop at my home if you like!

Seriously...I need to contain my space...look at my dining room table and couch right now...Sheesh!

The armoire and bookcase are up for sale on Craigslist and I also posted them on Face Book.
$250 for the armoire and $150 for the bookcase which is solid walnut underneath, 
(yea, I should never have painted that one)
  Reasonable offers will not be ruled out either.

Any takers, email me.
Killer pieces, just not working for me any more.

I have something better suited to my current needs in mind and as soon as these pieces are gone, I will post pics of the new area...wait until you see it!!!

Happy Creative Tuesday Y'all!


  1. I love the armoire! and yes it would be a beautiful piece for Christie. Maybe she needs another one? lol
    and the blings all over your place are cool. You Bling Principessa You. Ciao Regina

  2. What fun pics of your workspace! Still need to stop by to see all the fun someday, but looking very forward to seeing you at GF!Take care, love Bridgette XO