Sunday, August 8, 2010

Art is meant to be shared

Yesterday was my first official Bling Baby class at Gilding the Lily 
in Fullerton.  This is a Vintage Jewelry/Millinery/Trim Girls Candy Store.
If you haven't ever been there, GO!  Nancy is the owner and is super nice and resourceful.
Dede runs the class schedule and is a doll to work with and quite the talented artist too!

I was so excited and a little nervous too, wanting to be sure I taught my class
proficiently and that my students would come away happy with some new "tools" to add to their 
creative work boxes.  Having taught Children art, teaching my peers did seem a little ominous.
Fortunately, I knew almost everyone in the class already and they were all so gracious and warm, any nervousness I had melted away the minute we started.

Each lady was given a pair or Blinged out Safety glasses, I mean, why not?
This is Tara's daughter IVY with her pair on...

The ladies were given two trays of vintage Bling and baubles to choose from to decorate their babies with, as well as three pages of written instructions to refer to at home.

Here are the ladies at various stages of production.

Stacey brought the most amazing vintage Italian lamp and her own blue velvet to match 
her Baby's eyes.  Darling!

Pearl cleverly used a large glass lamp part that was originally from a swag lamp,
she also used pale pink velvet ribbon and patiently wound it around the post.

Mother/Daughter duo Tara and Ivy...
They brought LOTS of their own Bling as Tara is a jewelry designer
and crazy vintage girl like all of us.

Cutting up Dolls.  I think a few of the ladies were not so sure about this part, like it was wrong, 
but gotta do it...

After cutting the dolls, we used a bench grinder to even things out.

Poor Marbi and Tara...they had matching dolls that they purchased from me and those babies were like LEAD...super thick and a bit more trying to cut through!

Stacey's doll was darling she used vintage bone china flowers from England
which complimented the porcelain flowers in that KILLER lamp base she had.
Very Nice!

Marbi wound lavender velvet ribbon around the base of her dolls waist, it was really pretty!
She is going to cover her post at home with vintage sheet music...Brilliant!

Mary brought several of the most beautiful Victorian porcelain doll heads, her
design is for her and hubby's 19th wedding anniversary next weekend.  There will be two
love birds at the base of her cage...Cute!

Barb was the Birthday Girl today, her friends Mary and Lisa surprised her with a beautiful cake that was just as yummy as it was pretty.  Barb's doll head is just a Cutie!
She wasn't so sure of the verdigris green cage she brought, but it matched her baby's eye perfectly and came together ever so well!

Can you say BLING???  Tara LOVES vintage sparkly rhinestones and her Baby had plenty.
She also repainted her dolly as she was pretty cracked up before.

Tara's girl was ever so Pink and it was fun to have a 17 year old in the group!
Their young perspective and twist on things is refreshing!
She did a little vignette at the base of the cage too!
The every so pretty Lisa, made this little GEM.  Love the butterfly in her hair and the very thoughtful placement of things.  She is going to bling her out some more at home...can't wait to see the pics, Lisa!

My friend Pearl.  She is a Gem.  No really, not just because of the name either.
Pearl's baby was sweet and soft, just like her.  The "Wisdom Dispenser" was a custom order Pearl placed with me several months ago.  Timing was right as one of my earlier "Wisdom Dispensers"
is photographed in the back of this Month's Sommerset Home magazine under my good Friend 
Claire Brocato's Photography section.

What a treat is was to spend the afternoon sharing my techniques with 8 wonderful ladies.
Art is meant to be shared and I really LOVE sharing it.
Thank you for spending part of your day with me and thank you Nancy and Dede for having me teach at your Wonderful Store!

Happy Sunday everyone!


  1. Lisa ..Looks like beyond being successful had alot of fun with all these ladies ..!!!

    Everyone's Bling Babies Came out beautifully !!

    How Exciting ...


  2. Hi Lisa what a successful class, each lady's bling baby reflected their own personality and so creatively due to a wonderful teacher! I recognize a few familiar faces in the group , how fun! Christie

  3. Looks like so much fun! I wish I could have been there, too....

    Love what you all did with your dolls...such creative women!


  4. oh my Principessa! our class looks amazing and the ladies...what a group! I am so happy for you and we missed you too at the Cottage. Looking forward for you to teach in my workshop August 22nd. Ciao Rita

  5. Oh girl, the class looks amazing! Now I really want to make one!!!!! I can't stop giggling at the photos of the ladies cutting up the babies. it's just so funny looking. SO happy your class turned out good. Now we just have to get you to AZ!!!
    Hugs, Tricia

  6. Your girls made the cutest creations!!! I love every one of them!! I would love to make one myself. Looks like you had lots of fun!

  7. Huge congrats on a very successful class! Your students look so happy in the pictures. Dede and Nancy are both wonderful too!
    Have a great weekend ahead.

  8. Lisa, those Bling Babies are adorable! Looks like everyone was so happy and loving every minute of your class...way to go!

  9. Lisa, I LOVE seeing the photos of what everyone made! It looks like it was a great class, and I'm sure I'll hear from the students what a great time they had with you! Thanks so much for making my job easy when booking such wonderful teachers like you!

  10. Oh the Bling Babies are amazing....can't wait for my class on the 22nd.

    I got my cage :}