Monday, August 30, 2010

PMC Certification

I had an amazingly fulfilling past three days.
Friday, Saturday and Sunday was spent in San Juan Capistrano at
There I participated with 6 other artists in a 
PMC Level One Certification Program administered through

Our wonderful instructor was Patrik Kusek.
Patrik is a Senior Level Instructor with Rio Grande and a very accomplished artist.
He was a joy to learn from.

I'll share with you some pics of my projects.
I think I love my Pen the best, but really each project was very thoughtful in its teaching us the multiple applications of this very versatile medium.
 This little beastie is called a Tetrahedon...or as otherwise referred to as the Tetra-Heathen.
Mine was nicknamed Tetra-MONSTER.  Seriously, I almost failed Geometry in High School and had to have a tutor to be able to pass...need I say more???
It truly tested multiple skills and was in the end invaluable.
Remember folks...made out of 99.9% pure silver CLAY, mitered corners and bevels, fired in a kiln...then polished and polished and polished.  It is one of those projects that you question, why the heck am I torturing myself, only to finish it and have the deepest sense of pride that you were able to do it.

I have very little experience with Metal Clay, so was a bit fearful that I was ill prepared for this level of instruction.  I did pretty well though, thanks to growing up sculpting ridiculously small things for my dolls and creating jewelry and figurines out of polymer clay almost 20 years ago.

 The below link takes you to my other blog and a story about these figurines.

I am on my way and totally motivated to continue my education in this medium, reach new levels and teach it as well as sell finished pieces.

Thank you Patrik for your tutelage and for sharing your art and craft with us!
Thank you Cindy for an amazing studio to work in, for the yummy lattes and snacks, your fabulous stamps and now I am adding pen plater to my list of tools needed for my studio!

Hugs All!!!


  1. Cute!!! How fun LOve the Pen its very ornate.

  2. This is real art! I am very proud of you. I must say that every piece is well done and my favorite is the pen. Have a great week Principessa.
    Ciao Rita Mammabellarte Regina

  3. Congrats on your cert. I am leaving tomorrow for my class and am a bit nervous, but seeing your post has definitely reminded me of how much fun it should be!

    Beautiful work and I love the pin!