Friday, September 10, 2010

FINALLY Done...almost!!!!

I have been frighfully blogfully remiss or is it
woefully remiss at my bloggingness?
At any rate, my world has been full of changes of late, personally, living space wise
as well as professionally.

I am one of those weird creatures that LOVES change...Can't stand still.

Is that grass growing beneath my creative feet??  Gotta move.

So, had wild ideas for a new work surface in my Studio, then maybe I won't take over the kitchen counters and the dining room table when in creative High Gear...(my family hopes at least)
The space is BIG, my ceilings are vaulted from 8 ft on one side of the room up to about an 18-20 foot ceiling, this was the side that my work area was being modified.

I sold my bookcase and armoire and set upon the task of creating a workbench from old doors and sawhorses.  The sawhorses were from harbor freight, ya know...great prices, LOTS of nuts and bolts.
After a few hour of assembling I set up my doors on the saw horses.
NOPE, hated it!
That idea crashed and burned spectacularly.

Onto plan "B".

Found this really cool table that in it's previous life had a steel ironing board bolted to the top, complete with a hot plate for an iron and an arm to keep the cord well out of reach.
I could only envision some poor sweating woman in a work apron chained to this torture device, ironing hours a day for a living.  I dismantled the beast and thought it perfect for a sewing table, especially with the measuring tape conveniently painted on the front.

The bookcase came from inside the cottage and it has been a very functional storage unit.

Well, that idea crashed and burned also.

Scratching my head...
"Maybe it is just stress, what is wrong with me?  Typically my ideas pan out pretty well."
My BFF said to me, "Wow, you are having a Brain were overdue"
She agreed my Plans A & B sucked.

As I was whining to my friends Lori and Jamie, they suggested I come over to their house and check out some of their treasures that I might be able to work into my space.

Thank GOD for feathered friends.

The Base is a, I don't know what the heck in a previous life.
A Buffet/Counter/Desk, with a locking cabinets and a metal lined file drawer.
Loved that it was 36 inches tall like my other two pieces in the Studio.
Purchased from Jamie.

Antique door painted with chalkboard paint. 
Victorian Corbels from Lori.
The backsplash became the peak above the shelf.
The Antique porcelain doorknob is still attached to the wood from the door it came from,
cut out and so perfectly acts as tiny support for the shelf above. It also covers the hole in the 
chalkboard door from the previous doorknob.
Thank goodness Rob helped me execute this plan as it is a really large piece and cumbersome to assemble and hang.

Then, the icing on the cake.
My friend Rita made this fabulous little table of vintage card file drawers from an old library.

Remember kiddies, back in the days before computers and the internet, we had to spend hours at the library looking in the card files. When Rita posted a pic of this piece on her blog a few weeks back, I knew I had to have it.  It was to be my coffee table.

Today I trekked to Fallbrook to deliver some goodies to Christie's house for our Chateau de Fleurs show next weekend.  I arrive and am greeted by Rita, Lori and Christie...three of my Four feathered friends.
Driving home, I realize that the piece from Rita might very well fit under my new work station...
and it did!!!

With the help of my Feathered Friends, my new workstation is a DREAM!!!
Still need something from Christie to complete it...
Love you ladies!!!


  1. Ah ..Lori Your workspace is a dream now ..and very eclectic,fun and classy all put together will make working so much fun now !!!!

    I was in love with Rita's piece too ... You lucky Girl !!!

    See you next week ..

    Blessings ...Sara

  2. My Principessa/feather friend, I love it! Guess where I have been?
    In the workshop getting the other file box ready, crazy I may have enough time. Loved it today, let's do it again. Ciao Rita mammabellarte

  3. Wow! I love it!!! Way to go all of you girls! I love to change up my space too and you were really creative in Plan A and Plan B and .... you are so fun Lisa!!!!! Can't wait to share the weekend with you, its been WAAAAY TOOO LONG! Tell Emily I have a few treats for her . Not sure if she is coming but you can take them to her!!!! Hugs to both! :)

  4. Oh, it looks wonderful! And I'm jealous - I saw that piece of Rita's and wanted it. But I live too far away to even think of getting it. It looks so great in your studio.

  5. Wow Lisa! This all turned out so nice! I love that everyone's vintage junk came together so beautifully for your workstation masterpiece! What a great bunch of junk sisters you all make!

    So looking forward to seeing you all very soon!

    Sincere Blessings,

  6. To much fun!!
    love it:) Sweet Rita's piece is a great addition!

    Kay Ellen

  7. hi Lisa,your studio looks great!! Looks like you have been busy!! We won't be selling at Christie's, but, we will be there shopping!! Thanks for looking in on my blog, I'm just learning!

  8. Looks GREAT Lisa! I envy your work space! Mine's functional, but not pretty at all. Maybe because it's in my garage! Ha, ha! Congrats on scoring those awesome pieces~your buddies ROCK! Enjoy your revamped space friend!