Thursday, September 23, 2010

Glitterfest TEASE....

Twas the week before Glitterfest and all through the house...
Glue flying, saws grinding all through the night.
Kids starving - mate whining,
"Where was the Woman of the house?"
Buried knee deep in glitter, doll parts and trim,
bauble and gemstones filled up to the brim.
She's making some Magic to show to her friends...
Cackling with creativity?
No, hacking on dust.
When you see her next week excuse
the bloodshot eyes and crazed look...
cause she wanted to bring you all much Surprise!
Here are a few teasers of what will be coming with me to Glitterfest!

Eyeball spiders this year to wear!

Babies in Cloches...

 Dreamy Christmas scenes...

Sugar Plum Fairies danced in their heads...

While deers dreamed of Spring...

Barbie style hands....what could this be?

Lots of whimsy will accompany me...

Peace and Love,


  1. I am changing too!! I love your work and bought a dolly display from you and some bracelets at the last Glitter Fest. If we don't change it gets to be boring, huh? Good luck on your new adventure....I know it will be magical.

  2. A fresh start is a wonderful thing. I look forward to reading your new blog.

  3. Hey I like are a busy bee Ms. Lisa! I know it will be a great show! I am excited for your new look!!!!

  4. oh Principessa!....welcome Lisa Loria's blog. Love it all. Ciao Rita

  5. Spooky!! Cant wait to see the final products !

  6. Lisa, Love the new blog and excited to see all the changes you are the necklaces! Congratulations!!! See you on Saturday!