Thursday, September 30, 2010

Ode To Alice!

My Glitterfest theme seems to be taking on a bit of an Alice in Wonderland theme...
No surprise really.

This is my new business card...

The little girl is me.

About 10 years ago I had a little store called Daydreams.
This was my logo then too.
Being the perpetual Dreamer, many hours as a child were spent
lying on my back with my Grandmothers dog, Sammy in the grass,
staring at the sky, imagining there were animal shapes in the clouds,
blowing bubbles, making wishes with dandelions,
talking to the flowers, creating mud pie masterpieces decorated with flowers
and creating quite the make believe world.
Everything was ALIVE to me as a child.
The garbage disposal had to be "fed" or it would die.

As I pondered my new business and art direction, it was clear that I return to my roots...
the essence of who I am, not just as an artist, but as a person too.

I truly believe within every thing living or not, there lies potential.
Trash to treasure, bad to good....despair to hope.

Call me Pollyanna, Alice, Mary Poppins or whoever.

Life is truly about what you make it to be and how
you respond to the negative that life throws at you.

As I tell my kids,
"Life is full or curve balls, you better be able catch it and hurl it back, or duck and let just let it pass."

Back to the studio.
See you all at Glitterfest or in Virtual Internet-land!



  1. Very nice post. I saw your comment at Lulu's and just came by to visit. Yes life is what we make it and we all have choices. Life is great, viva la vida. Your little widget above your followers says, "Please Follow Me" and okay I will if you follow me.:) Tee Hee. Hey stop by my blog and join my giveaway, ends tomorrow. Nice blog.

  2. Love this Lisa:)
    I am a day dreamer too~~~fond memories at my Grandma Ruth's house...gardening, hanging clothes out on the line..and long chats in the garden along with her dog "Smokie" the Bear:)

    cute business card!

    Hope to make to glitterfest...we have a track meet in Yucaipa with my daughter.

    BTW....I love my Bird Cage necklace you made me!!

    Kay Ellen