Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Ebay Babey!!!

I am back on ebay selling LOTS of Jewelry supplies.
And I mean a lot as well as "LOTS".

If you are wanting or needing some funky Vintage jewelry makings supplies,  check them out.
I will be listing many items over the next weeks, cleaning out my studio for my new work.

Also, come to the Urban Barn this weekend for BLOWOUT prices on my current Jewelry.



  1. You should do VERY well since you are SO extremely talented. I just noticed you were the one that is buying those awesome drawer/locker set at Country Roads! They are truly the best. Hope I'm working the next time you come in!!

    Take care, Sue

  2. Hi It's Tammie Moore and regarding your bling babie class, YES I WANT TO COME to the one in reainbow on Aug 22, it will be a early birthday gift to myself. I am closer to Rainbow cuz I live in Lake Elsinore, so will the class be at a store or residense? Please lmk and PUT ME ON THE LIST GIRL.... Yahhh... Oh and here is my email addy mooretreasures@verizon.net and please send me your email addy so we can confur away from the blog if needed.... Creatively, Tammie

  3. Lisa
    I know you are busy preparing for the weekend at Urban Barn but I wanted to wish you the most prosperous of days! I so enjoyed meeting you on my trip to Escondido last month. I've posted a link to your site on my blog. Wish I could come out and take your Bling Baby class!

  4. I hope your weekend was a huge success Lisa. Nancy and I are looking forward to seeing you in just a few weeks!

  5. I am SUCH a dork. I meant to get one of your pieces at the show! My brain was like a fried egg, what can I say?! Was a pleasure meeting you, Lisa, and I am looking forward to seeing you again. You are amazingly inspiring, and such a kindred spirit... blessings!

    Deb @ Retreat