Thursday, March 10, 2011

Studio Mini-Break

My son Christian and I have committed to a weekly a.m. hike.
Being that I needed a couple hours away from the Studio and the weather here in So Cal is PERFECT, this morning was it!
Living at the base of a Mtn Range has it's advantages, 
one mile from me are some really nice little trails.
We chose Cucamonga Creek.
It was my first time here,
the local teens hit it in the summer because of waterfalls 
and swimming holes.

Beginning of trail.

Absolutely Breathtaking bush covered in bees.
It smelled so sweet, no wonder they Love it.
At this point my camera batteries die.
( meant to charge them before I left)
So, used my phone to take the rest of the pics.

As we climb down a hill, basically into a ravine that is for water shed, we find the trail is GONE.
It has been washed out, probably by some of the crazier rain we have had this winter.
So, we had to cross the water twice to hook up back to the original trail.

So pretty back here, one of several waterfalls.
We got to a point past here where the ravine narrows so much that the water 
is just too sketch to pass, so we turned back.
We'll come back when the water recedes a bit.

The light was so pretty here.
A couple or really OLD oak trees.
Wanna shoot the punks that do the graffiti though...grrrr.

On the way home, I took Christian past a local landmark.

Sam Maloof's Home is a located very close to us.
It was moved during freeway construction.
I have toured it twice, and it is an artfully designed and constructed home.
The window joints are totally cool puzzle corners.
At one point a tree fell on his home, instead of removing the tree, he built around it.
Love his spiral staircases too!

They have art festivals here and you can tour Sam's Studio/workshop.
I highly recommend it.
Sam is since deceased, but his home and art is a legacy.
His work is in the Smithsonian Museum.

So, a nice respite from the studio this morning, a 3 mile hike
and quality time with my 19 year old son.

Now, back to the studio...


  1. How wonderful and peaceful it must have been. Very nice that you spent alone time with your son. Great photos too. I didn't know about Sam before now I will have to look his name up and see some of his work. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Thanks for sharing your wonderful pics, what an incredible day!

  3. Oooh I want to go on a field trip with you there!!! So beautiful! and what an awesome time and place to spend with your son.

  4. Beautiful area! We are going back on hiking too now that the weather is perfect again. I am glad you spent time with CRISTIANO. Ciao Rita

  5. Sounds like GREAT fun...I think I wanna go too! Sam Maloof also designed rocking chairs as I've been told. I use to work at the Thomas Kinkade Gallery in the Lake Arrowhead village & we sold a gorgeous handmade wooden chair & a customer came in & sat in it & told me all about Sam, He was an apprentice with him at his studio & I found it very interesting! {until he wouldn't leave & it started to scare me, lol}
    I will have to go see Sam's studio, thank you for sharing with me this great tresure!!