Tuesday, March 8, 2011

White Wednesday

This would be my first White Wednesday post.
Considering my nickname is "the Color Girl"
at many shows because of how colorful my work is, one
might think I don't like white.

To the contrary, the only true "collections" I have in my home are white...
some of my favorite things are white.

It is true though, that white is an Accent color in my home and studio.

This mannequin is full of my collection of carved mother of pearl pieces

Many of these are from the victorian era and were flower vases.
You can also see a few pieces of jewelry that I made.

Some are Souvenier Pieces, mostly from the East Coast.
The one on the left from Rhode Island is an Ink well.
The small piece on the right is a coin purse.
It is lined in deteriorating red leather and paper cut from an old book, German I believe.

The small bowls have sterling silver feet and spoons,
They probably are salters. In History, it was a symbol of wealth if you could
afford salt.  These could have easily held caviar as well.

Carved napkin rings, many with New England Port names on them.
The charms on the necklace all originate from Jerusalem.
Very much known for Religious carved mother of pearl jewelry.

Beautiful Art Nouveau Wall pocket in my bathroom. 

Part of my white Matte Pottery Vase collection.
I like the uniformity of color, so I can appreciate the forms.

Matte white pottery holds my art supplies above my Antique drafting table.

These collections have taken 15 years to accumulate.  I don't actively pursue 
collecting.  The timing and price just has to be right in order for each piece
to find its way to me.



  1. Love the new blog Susie did for you, Shows off your "Beautiful" art...


  2. Beautiful White Wednesday! The mother of pearl display is so beautiful and I love your use of the pottery...what a great idea! Hugs to u and Em, Abbey

  3. Welcome to WW Principessa! Love the Madre Perla very much. Tata my friend

  4. Very nice White Wednesday Lisa. Love it.