Saturday, October 24, 2009

A fairy lives here...

I worked in my studio all day today. The house was fairly quiet, the children were away most of the day doing there own things. Each came home at different times. When I was packing up for my show tomorrow, I noticed tiny fairy bouquets sitting on my bureau...

Aren't they magical? Tiny little flowers gathered into darling bouquets.

Hydrangea, Coleus blossoms...tenderly wrapped in leaves.

I found her...the fairy fae who lives here and leaves me magical little trinkets.
Must be sure she knows how special she is.

I have three sons. Any of you mothers of just sons can empathize with me that there is a little part of your soul that longs for a daughter. She is a shining different than the boys. She leaves me love notes and tokens all of the time.

These bouquets made me day and I had to share. Tomorrow we share an adventure participating in the Mermaid Mercantile. A Mother/Daughter day.

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  1. Hi! your daughter is a sweetie! My oldest daughter moved out today,I already had 2 boys leave the nest but somehow this is just devastating me. Hang on to her for as long as you can!! I love your things,anytime you want to swap let me know!! annie