Sunday, October 11, 2009


My Oh, My...what a fun day it was at Glitterfest! I was happy with my display...

The King of Halloween and his Friends!

Pumpkin Fairy, Mr Skeleton and my most cherished and prized altered art Mannequin!

Yes, I glued EVERY one of those mirrors and vintage Jewelry on her! She was a show stopper, for sure. A lot of people thought it was a Vegas showgirl corsette.


Ahhh, my Boo-pumpkin Baby and spider eyeballs..."Eye See You"

They were a hit and many of these went home with customers.

Many eyeball hair flowers flitted did Mr. Skeleton spider who was

"Puttin on the Glitz" for Glitterest!

My New friend Bridgette has the most AMAZING jewelry...Love her work! She bought my Dia De Los Muerte Cross and gave it a new home. Nice and Very talented lady!

Visit her blog at She is my newest blog friend and hope to get to know her more. A warm and genuine person!

My soldering teacher Robin Dudley-Howes was there with her friend Karen Benson.

Great ladies too, with a great display and wonderful wares. Their blogs are and Karen's is

Great work!

I also met Tricia of Doll with the cutest goodies...She is part of a wonderful venue next month in Mesa Arizona, called Blissfest. They have invited me to attend, but not sure yet if I can make it! For

sure in the Spring if not!

It was a wonderful day and I look forward to attending the Spring show!

Be there!


  1. I luuuuuve your Blog. It's beautiful.Soulful posts, great pictures,lovely much talent in you. I'm so so happy I got to meet you, my sweet new blog buddy! :)

  2. OH! And I think I need you to send me a pink hair flower with a cool baby eyeball if you have any left,they've been on my mind & I just have to have one for Halloween or actually any day...XO

  3. Hi Lisa,
    I saw you at Glitterfest and I wish I could have stopped by your table, cause everything looks wonderful! Hope you had a good time there. Take care,

  4. Eye Love the spider eyeBALLS! Your a creative genius! Eye must own one!!!!!! xoxo Debi

  5. Lisa thanks for the post. Your set up at GF was so, so pretty and creative. You are one talented lady!

  6. Your booth looks delicious! I soooo hope you can make it to Blissfest! So happy you had a great time!

  7. hey sweets,
    what a fantastic day we had.
    your booth rocked!!
    i was so overwhelmed with all the talent under one roof.
    have a fab week

  8. Lisa,
    It was such a pleasure to meet you finally! I feel like we're old friends! Thank you for coming to Glitterfest with all your wonderful creations! you helped make it a great day!

  9. Hi Lisa!
    Ugggh! My double chin is scary! But it is a halloween event eh? I really enjoyed meeting you and am so glad to find your blog (I still havent gotten to all my stuff and business cards from the show)
    Now I will link on over to you!
    Let's keep in touch! I will for sure see you at the next one!

  10. Glitterfest was so much fun! I don't know if we met in person or not, but your stuff is amazing! I am following you now! Kathie

  11. Your blog is great! If you would like to consign anything in my shop in Alpine let me know! Im dying for one of those eyeball spiders I hope you have some left at the next MM annie

  12. I am so jealous, I wanted to be there. I am planning for spring, everything looks amazing. Ciao Rita from mammabellarte