Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Dreamy Sunday

We get so caught up with all of life's responsibilities that sometimes we forget to stop and enjoy
this wonderful life and the people in it.

This past year and a half has afforded me the blessings of meeting
many wonderful women.  

Sunday was Emily and My DAY to enjoy these friendships.

First we met our friend Julie Nutting and carpooled to Tustin.
The time driving distances always passes swiftly while enjoying conversation with a friend.

A Vintage Lady in Old Town Tustin...amazing garden vignettes.

LOVE you Sheryl and Diane.

 Country Roads.
So nice to see Sue, Katie and Stacey!

 Delicious Lunch and Gelatto at Luca.
Debbie was running late meeting up with us.
My sweet friends... from left to right...
Moi, Emily and

 A dealer at Country Roads...LOVE this!

 There was a matching pair of these.
Who doesn't need matching Pink Lions???

 I am Nutz about clocks...

 In the Grand Palace of my Imagination that I live in,
these would be above a fireplace or morphed into a headboard for my bed.
Hmmm...Can't I fit them in somewhere in my 1800 sq foot house???
Up high on my studio wall, perhaps???
I do have room there...
They were $3,900.
Do you think I could Lay them away for a YEAR????
Oh My...I want these.
My FAVE of the day!

 Same Dealer...another clock and a mini liberty bell!

 Oh, common...this could hang from the beam in my studio too!!!

 Tim and Lisa.
Their space is always inspiring.
Fabulous Design!


Tim and Lisa...You peeps NEED a blog!!!

A VERY cool and HUGE Soldered Bottle in
Tim and Lisa's space that I ADORED!!!

Cutest Fairy gardens and A Vintage Lady...

Makes me daydream that I am a tiny fairy frolicking in
the garden riding dragonflies and having tea
with a surly catepiller...

Makes me want to garden!

Happy Tuesday my lovely Bloguettes!


  1. Thanks so very much for all the wonderful pictures and comments in regards to Country Roads! It was great seeing you all this past Sunday. Hope you come back and see us soon!

    Take care, Sue

  2. it was a great day...thanks for inviting me! yes, it's good to let go of everyday life and spend time with girlfriends and your own imagination.

  3. Amazing pictures! and what a beautiful day to spend together. Ciao Rita mammabellarte

  4. I loved the tour, the pictures are great. Thx for sharing.

  5. Hi Lisa, what a pleasure it was meeting you!
    Your Emily is such a sweetie and she inherited your good looks, what a blessed little girl.
    It was a GORGEOUS day to sell at the flea, but I must admit I was quite jealous of you gals who got to go shopping all day. Thanks for stopping by my booth, next time I'll get to go shopping in yours!

    Big Hug,

  6. Hi Lisa,
    My friend Irma from Cosas Bellas told me about your wonderful blog and I'm so glad she did, it's fabulous!! It looks like you had such a lovely Sunday, Old Towne Orange is my favorite!!
    Your art and Jewelry is just gorgeous!
    Have a great Sunday.

  7. Thank's for the tour of the beautiful shops with all the treasures......Julain