Thursday, October 21, 2010

The Rabbit Hole

Where does this door go to and what does the sign on it mean???

 It is my "reclaimed" Garage Studio" 
Where I can do my messier, more intense and dirty metal, wood, torching, hammering,
firing, soldering and doll art work.
I am also going to be teaching classes from The Rabbit Hole.
One might ask..."reclaimed garage"?
What does that mean?


Many years ago, while married to my first husband. 
We lived in a tiny condominium, 1100 square feet
with three young boys.
Half of the garage was mine.
It was my escape in which I discovered myself, started making art and selling it.

When my marriage was crumbling and the divorce was decided, I rented the coolest little studio above
a coffee house named "Java Jitters" in Old town San Dimas and moved
out of the condo garage. 
The new studio had great light and gave me the opportunity to spread my wings
and build my Mural business.

It was there that I met and fell in love with my second husband John,
who I had my daughter Emily with.

When John and I married, my studio moved out of the coffee house
and back to our home.
But John was a contractor and fine woodworker and wasn't
about to share his HUGE three car extended garage with me.
So, my studio became the really cute loft area on the second
floor of the house we rented.
I was happy.

When we bought a home together, John still kept his garage
and my studio became what most people call a Family Room, which
adjoins my kitchen.
When John died 7 years ago,  I sadly got the garage back.
Still feeling John's presence, it was always kind of hard for me to work out there, but
I did as well as created an exercise area for my sons and I.
The garage is pretty cool with black/white Race Deck flooring that the boys and I installed.
It is a sealed garage with ac/heating.
Come on, what woman wouldn't LOVE an aqua garage?

A year and a half ago, my Beau Rob moved in and I gave up part of said garage to him
because he ran a business out of the home too.
It was a squeeze to say the least.
A bookcase, a huge executive L shaped desk, two file cabinets,
the workout area, toolboxes, workbench, shop vac, engine jack, etc, etc..
It was a MESS.  Being that I still needed a place to store my shipping supplies, show supplies
and a place to do tool work, because you don't do that stuff in a Studio next to the kitchen...
we had to share the space and it was tough.
Rob is a very supportive and infinitely laid back guy,
so we were patient with each other.

Recently Rob joined a new company and started working at an office.
The day he said he would sell his desk and move his files to the new office,
I JUMPED for joy and gave him a BIG HUG & KISS.
I got my Garage Studio back and now have a place to teach classes
and really work on some larger pieces.
Business has thankfully been good and I really do need this space.

So, where did the Rabbit Hole idea come from???

Well, a few weeks back while preparing for Glitterfest...doll parts were laying all over the place
and morphing themselves (with my help of course)
into Spiders, Tin men, Gumball Machine babies and Bling Babies.
Completely amused with myself while creating and singing along to
Danny Elfman's Willy Wonka Soundtrack....Rob entered the garage after work...

he aptly placed a large picture frame before his face
and said...
"Welcome to the Rabbit Hole"
We laughed and the new name for Studio 2 was born.

He thinks I live in Wonderland...
He is right,
I do live and create in a world of my own...
and I am Happy!!!



  1. Great Post! And there are all kinds of wonderful things in a rabbit hole! Enjoy!

  2. Your stories always make me dream. Next thing you are going to do is write a book in your Rabbit Hole! Cool studio and definitely we are having classes! Ciao

  3. Thank you so much for your sweet comment. To lose your husband so just keeps coming at ya sometimes....I too, am working on a garage studio. In a few weeks I will post some pics. I love your work. Bought some things from you last time at Glitterfest too!!

    I am now following we will be in touch.

  4. A girl has got to have a room (or rooms) for herself!!! I am so happy for you and I know that "Rabbit Hole" is going to always be a place of some interesting creativity! Love it !!!

  5. Hi Lisa! Okay, first of all, love the doll bums on the shelf! Those are too funny. I have never seen a collection of them. And that husband is too cute. Lucky girl. Thank you for coming by and leaving such a great comment, I believe every word. Just mix it up and let it roll! I think you're right. I'm going with the plan. Great hearing from you, hope to make it to Glitterfest some day! Hugs, Riki PS- love my little doll clips!

  6. Yeah!!! we have had many crazy girl talks in that garage, Ill have to bring over some champagne to to celebrate the new and improved Lisa Loria club house aka Rabbit hole !!!

    love ya VSS

  7. Hi Lisa ~ I love that you've shared your story with us, I love your strength that is within your heart, and I love that your experience has made you more then you ever thought you could be.... your healing powers effect us all ~ I love you Lisa Loria your a wonderful lady <3