Thursday, October 14, 2010

Baby Bliss

As some of you might know, I recently became a Gi-Gi.

What praytell is a "Gi-Gi" one might ask???
This is how the story goes.
I was the firstborn grandchild on both of my parents sides.
Being the slightly independent free thinker even then,
I refused to call my Grandparents traditional names.
Big surprise, huh?

My grand parents & great grandparents were...
Nana, Dolly, Honey, Pap-pap, Pop-Pop and Pap.

Dolly and Honey were my own creation, they each called me their little "dolly" and "honey", 
so I mimicked them and their names were born. 
Dolly was my Grandmother and Honey my Great Grandmother.

My Nana story goes like this...while sitting in my high chair, Nana would try to get me to call her Nana.
I'd shake my head saying "no"and turn around pointing to the bananas on the counter saying "nanas"
She accepted that I just didn't think she looked like a Banana.
I still call her Nana-Banana sometimes.

Back to the "Gi-Gi" story.
My eldest son Brandon and his wife Krissy just started a family.  
Baby Ben was born on Monday.
My first grandchild. He is adorable and I am in love.
There is something so surreal watching your son become a husband and father and being totally smitten with his wife and child...doting on them how you would want him to.
A new experience for me and one that I am very proud to witness.

So, in classic form, I do not want to be called is "Gi-Gi", which is French...
that is unless little Benjamin has a mind of his own and if like me, comes up with his own name for me, but I will try like my Nana to get him to call me "Gi-Gi".

 Nana and Ben

 Brandon, Krissy and Ben.

 My Mom, G-ma and Ben.

 Gi-Gi and Ben.

My son loving his son.

What a blessing it is to have 5 generations able to enjoy one another.
We are Blessed.


  1. Congrats Gi-Gi ...What a Beautiful family you have !!! And how fun to be a Gi-Gi at suchc a beautiful young age have lots of years of family fun ahead of you !!!

    Blessings ..Sara

  2. Congrats Lisa, Little Ben is beautiful!! You will make a great Gi-Gi!!! I know about that I'm a Noni!! Don't you just want to hold him forever!!

  3. Congrat's to you and your entire family. A baby always makes life a little bit more special. Just wait till that little boy can talk, I'm sure he will have many special names for you! I know from experience, and it is the best thing ever.

    Take care, Sue

  4. YAY!! Blessings to you G-Gi..... and little Ben,Dad( My youngest,32, is a Brandon), Krissy and all. Nothing beats "grammahood" does it ? Hug auntie Em for me! Love Ya...Nicki

  5. And what a beautiful Gi-Gi he has! My son is named Ben also!!! What fun to have a baby around again! Congratulations Lisa! He looks like a healthy baby boy! karen....