Monday, November 29, 2010

Pennies from Heaven...

The Family and I had a nice Thanksgiving 4 day weekend.
We worked on Home projects. Honey pruned the front yard. We did chores, 
hung out, played scrabble, rode bikes and watched a bunch of movies.

No Black Friday shopping for us.
Don't like the crowds and money is super tight for us this year.
In trying to teach my daughter the REAL value of life, material things, 
giving back to the community, etc...and 
to better understand the value of the dollar, 
we decided to empty the change jar and roll coins.

It is good practice for kids to count change and make change, 
so we made it a learning experience in that regard as well.

Even the Pennies were counted.
We lined them up like little battalions.

Last week I was singing a very old Christmas song and a line in
it mentions a "ha' penny".  My kids querried, what is a "ha' penny"?

Well, back when a penny really bought you something, they had ha'pennies.
A smaller denomination than a penny, a HALF penny.
Can you believe that?
My kids were stunned.

How sweet and simple the days of being able to buy things for a penny,
or a ha' penny for that matter.
I am old enough to remember Penny Candy as a kid.

I wanted her to see how much it really takes to make one dollar and how
easily we spend those dollars.  The visualization is so important.

I joked with my Honey about what would our National deficit look like
lined up in pennies?  I bet we could cover our country, ocean to ocean.

Emily learned what a wheat penny is and we collected 10 out of the pennies
we counted, as well as a pair of Canadian pennies.
She is now starting a collection of wheat pennies.

It was a lot of fun and a nice learning experience for her.
Pretty appropriate for the end of a Thanksgiving weekend.
It is the little things that brought together make us one.
It is the Little things, like Pennies that 
we should be Thankful for too.

A penny is still a significant amount if money in many parts of the world.
We should all count our pennies as we count the multitude of things we are thankful for.

Happy Monday!


  1. My nonna bought her house for one dime!
    Raffaele did is penny count last week, took him all they. He worked really hard for those pennies and he is proud. Dean collects wheat pennies.... watch out Peperoncino! Happy Monday

  2. Lots of history and learning in a simple penny...what a great way to have fun and learn.

  3. HALF a penny!!! Never knew there was such a thing!!! You learn something new everyday!!!
    Hope you had an Ooh La La Day!!!

  4. Hi Lisa! I've been meaning to tell you how much fun I had with you daughter at the sale. She is so adorable and such a joy. Who knew she could sing in Japanese?! I think my Macy and her would have a lot of fun together.

    AND....congratulations on having your photo in the Chateau de Fleurs feature in Romantic Country. That is so awesome!

    Have a blessed week,