Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Peace in the Garden

During the hectic and HOT past months, our Garden has been seriously neglected.
On Sunday, my Honey and I spent most of the day winterizing and cleaning up.
We still have several days worth of work, but we did make a dent in it.

This is a beautiful Rose Climber called Don Juan.
Red Velvet roses.
Promise to take shots next time there are blooms.
Smells heavenly too!

About13 years ago when my sons were younger,
we lived in a condominium complex.  I was cool aid Mom.
At any given time there were about a dozen kids at my house.
Home made rice crispy treats and kool aid was always on hand.
One Mother's day, I bought a bag of quick crete, disposable food containers from Blakes
and filled little bowls with beads, baubles, stones seashells and stuff.
Each kid in the neighborhood made a stepping stone memento for their Mom.
It was so much fun. My life has always been surrounded with children.
I still have the ones my sons made.
Their hands are all now larger than those stepping stones.
Need to make one with Emily and my grandson Ben.
My Mom's Garden will continue to flourish as grandchildren are added to our lives.
The Momma bunny with her 4 buntings was purchased
for me as a gift from my late hubby.
It's me and my 4 babies.

At Last weekends Show, I spotted this huge iron garden chair.
Being a sucker for Metal, I had to have it!
Thinking to myself, hey, this looks like a throne.

I am after all,
"Queen of the Castle"
Need to get a cushion for it.

On Mother's Day 2009, I sold at the Rose Bowl.
The really pretty Our Lady of Guadalupe was purchased
for me by my son Christian.
It is concrete and I was scared to have it hung,
but my Honey assures me it is safe.
Been wanting to paint her to look very old world.
What d'ya think?

A Corner in my Gazebo.

This Variegated  trumpet flower is creeping up the gazebo.
Isn't she pretty?

Each time my Honey prunes the roses, he makes me a bouquet.
These are the last of the roses from these bushes.

 I have about 25 rose bushes between my front and back yards...

I LOVE flowers!!!

It is so nice to share life with a man who appreciates the outdoors, 
loves to spend time in the Garden as much as I do.

Poor Emily was ill all day Sunday and slept most of the day, 
so it was really just Honey, myself and my 4 legged furry shadows who rarely leave my side.

Sophie and Dusty are two
of my 4 dogs...they follow me everywhere.
I Love them too!

Happy Wednesday!


  1. Looks beautiful Lisa, love those furry buddies too! Hope Em is better...can't believe the roses still in bloom, yummy!

  2. LOve it. I want to make a stepping stone with Dylan we should do it one day with the kids. xxoo

  3. Love your garden Lisa! I'm jealous, ours is pathetic. As much as I love to garden, it has been neglected :( It was on the list to revamp the pool and the backyard, but...
    Your buddies are adorable, I have two cats that like to keep me company, especially when I'm in the kitchen :)

  4. and she gardens too.....yep soul sistas we are :-)


  5. OMG! Your dogs are so so cute!!!! I need to stop by your place one of these days : )