Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Like a Quilt

Life is like a quilt, a mosaic. 
Small bits pieced together to create a cohesive design.
Pieces that by themselves are incomplete or lack the luster to stand on their own.
The people we meet, places we go, experiences we have
make who we are...a unique and wonderful design.

Even bad things are part of our design.  The near death experience, accident, 
illness, loss of a loved one...
Had they not occurred, perhaps life wouldn't be as sweet...we wouldn't
have had patience with the crazy person driving by...smiled instead of scoffed at the cranky shop clerk, or  appreciate that the cup is always half full.

I am particularly partial to mosaics and complex designs.
I find them rich, full of texture...as life should be, rich and full 
of experience and variety.

Today, I will share some of my favorite pieced together items...

I recently acquired this patchwork coat at Country Roads in Orange.
I almost squealed with delight when I paid eyed upon it.  
It fits like a glove, is all vintage quilting and are you ready for this???
It was only $35.
Gonna wear it to some of my shows...

The above quilt is fun 60's/70's fabric.  
I bought it unfinished at another FAVE Antique store I go to,
Treasures and Junk in Ontario.
I finished it with some batting, new retro fabric and blanket Binding.

As a Muralist, most of my murals have always been with just paint.
This is part of a mural in my daughter Emily's room.
It was an experiment...a happy one at that.
I combined painted elements with fun scrapbook paper that I cut into
animal/leaf shapes and decoupaged on the wall.
Very fun effect, but not looking forward to trying to remove it from the walls one day.

When the LOVELY Plumber punched a hole in the wall behind
my stove while installing a gas line, he looked at me and said...
"Oh, by the way, I punched a hole in the wall...but
I don't do drywall repair."
Irritated to say the least, but decided to create a mosaic for above the stove
which spread across my entire kitchen back splash.
The Fireplace is also a fun mosaic...will show that another day.

Loving rich textiles, I amassed a collection but have been gradually whittling
it down to only my faves.
The above is one of three 7ft by 7ft. panels I have just sewn of
rich Damasks, flocked silk, embroidered silk, velvet and tafetta.
The panels are to be part of my canopy at shows...only now I am not wanting to use it for
that purpose and the valance below was also created for show use, but faded horribly after only
one use outdoors...
Might be used in my house somewhere...Rob likes it too, so that helps.

The valance above is comprised all of antique fabrics, the center being
part of a Victorian dress.
Also for use on my canopy, but not so sure now.

The belt buckles I create are very much like a mosaic.
Carefully pieced together to create a fluid design.
I am honored that several of them are published in this month's Altered Couture...

The above car is one I found on a blog called Gypsy Purple.
LOVED this car.

Maybe, I'll paint one instead though!

Be inspired today!!!



  1. Hey Lisa, I love your new patchwork coat I can't wait to see you sporting it! I really like what you did in Emily's room, it would bring a smile to my face waking up in the morning =o)
    I really like the panels you're creating, great choice of colors!

    I want to drive that VW to the flea, how fun!

  2. My taste is your taste! I love that mosaic look in any type of artwork no matter what the medium is.

  3. Eeeeeek!!! Love, Love, Love!!!! (EVERYTHING!) We really have very similar tastes. I'm thinking that we are related somehow. :-)


  4. Love that coat and can't wait to see it on you!!! I love all the quilt pieces and COLORS...gotta have color in my life! I really love Emilys mural, that is so darn cute. Have a good show!