Monday, November 8, 2010

Hospitality and friendships

Thursday and Friday, we were honored to host two of my very best friends for those nights.
The gals were staying with me as we did the
show in Redlands on Friday/Saturday.

It had recently been Tricia's Big Ole 20th B-day

So, I cooked a fansy schmancy dinner for them and baked Tricia a chocolate cake.
Rita was brilliant at suggesting we wrap Tricia's present in the
cake mix box.  
Not your regular cake mix box...Trader Joes cake and frosting mix boxes are ART.

Love you Girls!

Fun to capture the blowing of candles!

These two darling young ladies are Chloe and Maddie.
They are Lori Martin's grand daughters.
I gave them cupcake hair flowers and had to get a picture of them.
I LOVE little kids!
It was at Lori's Victorian Home that we did the show this past weekend.
Her and her daughters did a wonderful job organizing this show,
Cooking delicious food
and opening their beautiful Victorian Home to us.

I was bad to not take more photos, so click the links
above in this post and you can see more pics
from my better organized counterparts.

Happy Monday!


  1. Happy Monday Pricipessa! I don't remember you taking those photos, I wander why? spending time with you. Dinner was amazing, I have to get to Trader Joe's for the yummy sweet potatoes. Ciao Rita

  2. Hi Lisa, what a way to brighten my day! Thanks for all the kind words. I'm feeling everyone's love, and know I'm not alone, for sure. Hugs, Riki

  3. Hi Lisa!

    Thanks for stopping by to see my new baby!!
    Oliver is the sweetest boy...great puppy kisses!
    I'm not getting a darn thing made lately, but it's soooo worth it!!


  4. Thanks for coming Feathered Friend! Next time im putting my tent next to your guys so i can talk more.

  5. Oh, those little girls are just the cutest! Love seeing everyone's pixs of the show.

    Take care, Sue