Friday, November 12, 2010

Mother's Pride

Emily and I set out to spend the day today with our friend Julie.
Julie had never been to Treasures and Junk, or to Mollys Souper or the Antique
stores in Upland.

I needed some supplies for my upcoming shows and was in need of some antiquing.
List in hand (so I would stay focused), we set out.

First stop was T&J.
Being a dealer there twice, I know the owners/managers and many dealers very well.
They are like family.  Emily gets to help behind the counter and Alyssa is so good to her...they all are.
Today Bart, one of the dealers there complimented how well behaved and mature Emily is.
I thanked him. 
You know how it is as a parent, one worries how your children behave. 
Emily gets dragged to so many shows and places with me.
It is gratifying when you can breath that sigh of relief that your child is
acting how you have raised them to.

When we went to lunch, Emily insisted on paying.
She had been holding onto her B-day money and wanted to treat Julie and I.
She was so cute and proud.
We had to force her to let us pay the tip.

It was a wonderful day spent building my friendship with Julie,
enjoying my daughter.
To top it off, I was searching for a VERY
specific list of vintage supplies for my new projects.
With the utmost graciousness, I was gifted a pair of matching silver spoons by Bart at T&J
 and the Kind lady who owns Molly's Souper, gave me two metal flower frogs.
Neither would let me pay them.

What a Lovely way to spend a Thursday!



  1. Like Mother, like Daughter. You two are such warm, giving, lovely souls and you know how much we all love having Emily at the shows or adventures we go on. It just wouldn't be right if she wasn't there with you!!! Bless her cute little heart for treating you two to lunch. Job well done MOM!!!!!

  2. Such a great story Principessa! So good to have these special moments. Ciao Rita

  3. Emily is beyond adorable. You must be so proud. Miss you both!

  4. wow sounds like you had so much fun... This is Tammie I was in you bling babies class in fallbrook and another lady taking the class there, said she was having a show or something at her house on November 18 or 19. Is that true? You said you would send me the info. Hope I'm not too late. PLEASE LMK asap Thanks
    tammie Moore