Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Inspired Tuesday

I promised yesterday to find more dress form mannequins that I have done.
Here are a few more of my pieces including the very First one I created...

I went through a period where I did a TON of mosaic work.
This was the first mannequin I altered.
She is done with Vitreous glass as the flesh, black tile and white marbles for the dress.
Her ruffled trim at the base of her skirt is an old rose plate
and then I chopped up some Bone china flower pots for the trim
at the top of her dress.  She also has a pair of parakeets on her as well.

This lass looks like a Vegas Show girl or Moulin Rouge.
Two types of mirror are carefully glued to form the bodice,
then A LOT of vintage jewels to created the bust line and trim the bottom edge
of her bodice all the way around the back.
Yes, Vintage Jewelry was harmed in the production of this piece!
The wings are not attached, they are separate props.

Yes, this was our Christmas tree last year.
This tall Form has a vintage hoop skirt on her with which I 
hung all of the ornaments that my children, Mother and Nana
Made over the years.

 The tall black one on the right is actually the same form as the above Christmas Tree.
The tiny white one in this photo what altered into a lamp.
She was a cutie and sold many years ago.

This uber cool pink and aqua bust I made for my friend
Beth who an Editor for Stampington and has become a dear friend.

This Photo is not my work.  I snagged it off of an ebay Auction.
Part of a photo shoot for some pretty famous designers.
LOVE it!
Thought I'd share it as it is so cool to me!

Happy Tuesday Everyone!
Enjoy your day and 
to create today!


  1. Lisa, Good grief!! you ARE so talented!! the dress forms are beautiful! Have a great day!

  2. OMGosh Lisa, if I got my foot in your door you would have to drag me out kicking and screaming!
    I would want to spend hours and hours there taking in all the yummy eye candy you've created.
    So unless you want a house guest, don't ever invite me over. lol

    Talk to you soon,
    xo Irma

  3. All I can say is WOW,AWESOME,and VERY COOL!!!