Sunday, June 30, 2013

Painting my heart out

Many year ago I painted full time. I have been longing to return to it. But differently. Before is was mostly murals, now I wanted it to be more soulful.

This horrendously hot weekend, I have devoted to finishing two paintings I started over a year ago. Large pieces. 

The geisha was inspired from a 1920's poster. Rob loves this painting and is thrilled she is done and gracing the wall in our bedroom.

The large piece with hearts was one I started while taking Flora Bowley's online class. 

I think the antique frame really sets it off. 

I also hung all of my vintage saris from India on my curtain rod. Our room is pretty complete now except for Cord covers for the hanging lamps.

Finally, our room is done.  Been undone for so long!
Hope you stayed cool this hot so California weekend! 


  1. I love it Lisa!
    The painting over your bed should be a greeting card Principessa! ;)

  2. This room makes me so happy! The colors are beautiful...the details are charming....and your art ties everything together perfectly :)