Saturday, June 8, 2013

Saturday BLISS!

I woke up today with every intention of painting ALL day.
But when I went into the Rabbit Hole (Garage Studio)...
I just couldn't escape.

Besides there were this box of bottles and various religious objects calling my name.

So, I listened.

At first, they were going to be a bunch of soldered bottles to add to my collection.

This lovely little Mary statue is so dang sweet.

Should she perch upon this bottle???

The Virgin Mary and Jesus pictures with vintage millinery under convex glass, just HAD to go on a bottle...RIGHT?

I played with the layout over...

and over...

UNTIL I liked it...

But then I thought....just another soldered bottle.

To sit on my shelf.

What else could I do???

Something different.

(haven't used that one in a while)

A sweet vintage tole rose wall sconce.

Plus it would challenge me.
How to attach Mary and Jesus to the candleholder?

Tinned wire was wrapped and spirals made to solder the backs to it.
Yes, had to foil the entire backing of each glass picture.

Then more roses and leaves were added
after I dug in my box of treasures flowers...

Along with a little porcelain parakeet.
The parakeet is broken on one wing tip and the tail.
But doesn't matter to me.
We are all a little broken after all.

For the little white Mary statue,
she graces a bottle that I can remove her from.  I only epoxied her and the metal flower to a cork I altered.  The bottle has sea glass, driftwood and shells from a trip Emily and I took with my Mom last year to Cambria.
This way, I can add to the bottle.

The carved wooden Buddha hand is so peaceful to me.
Plus I LOVE hands.  Praying hands, Buddha hands, Santos hands, The Hamsa.
Hands are wonderful.  Not only to they help us do everything, they love, worship and heal.
Probably my favorite body part.

So, though I didn't get much painting done today,
found out that my grandson will not be here until tomorrow night.
That means all day tomorrow painting in my studio.
A custom jewelry box and to finally finish my 4ft tall Frida painting.

Have a great weekend!!


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  1. You simply amaze me! Everything you do is so wonderful! What a wonderful day!xoxox-cindy