Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Sow, So, Sew...

Life is funny.  All sorts of twists of fate, happenstance and serendipity.

Last year, through Facebook, I made a couple new friends.

Since I often accept friend requests from people I don't know on FB, because of my work.
"Friend" can be a loose descriptive in terms of FaceBook.

But in this instance, my new friends were actually "friends of a friend", actually an ex boyfriend. (I am sure I have violated some grammar rule with how many times I used friend in that sentence???) While dating this guy, I never had the honor of meeting these two people as they at the time, lived out of the country.  Our quirky quips commenting on said "ex-guy's" FB wall bonded us quickly and we FB connected.

Totally cool couple, wished we lived closer since they are into gardening and their Dogs, like I am....and they appreciate re-purposing and love to work on their cool mid-century house.  So, after I painted this jewelry box for myself a few months back, she commissioned me to paint her childhood Jewelry Box.

I was honored and she shipped it to me.  Well, she graciously gave me free reign artistically and after too many months in my book, I got it done.

Now, the "why" as to how I designed this piece.  Julie has a blog named "Sow, So, Sew"  LOVE her play on words.  Go check it out...  I decided to spin off of her blog title. She is very committed to posting on her blog. (unlike me).  At first I was going to use all three versions of "So, Sew and Sow"...but "SOW" resonated with me the most.  After all, she loves her garden...but more than that, "SOW" has so much to do with everyday life.  We "SOW" kindness, love, hatred, patience, impatience, etc, etc.  One very often "Reaps what one Sows".  ( you get my gist).

I had a lot of fun layering colors, shapes and patterns on this box and of course had to include three dog prints because Julie and her hubs have 3 labs...all three names start with the letter "G". They are all rescued labs and three different colors.  The 3 "G" network is how they refer to them , get it?  Love it.

Oh, and the blood drips from the heart are not some sort of Goth thing.  
More of a heart overflowing type of symbolism.

At the same time I completed Julie's Jewelry Box, I did one for Emily and I.  
It had a tear in the top, so I had to adhere a foundation of paper to paint on.

So, there you go.  You just never know what friends you may reap from what you sow.

Thanks Julie for the Commission!



  1. You make the most beautiful things! Love it!

    Christine Barker