Monday, June 3, 2013


Last week was my birthday.  47.  Ugh.
WHERE or WHERE do the years go?

It is such a funny thing to wake up one day (at least it sure feels this way) and feel suddenly "Old".  
I look around seeing handsome baseball players, firemen and police men and when I use to think, "hubba-hubba".  I'm now saying things like..."crap, they are my sons age, what cute boys they are"


I guess one day, I will look at them and say they are my grandchildren's ages.

Such is life.

Still feeling fortunate to be alive, no matter the age.

Anyway.  Had a lovely B-day with my most precious daughter Emily.  She made me my favorite tea and my standard breakfast. of Sourdough with peanut butter, sliced bananas, honey and cinnamon.

We did pedicures in our fountain on the patio (yes, I had only 2 days prior drained and cleaned it)
Was kind of fun and earthy to do a pedicure this way.  Sitting in out garden, listening to the birds and water sounds...sipping tea and painting our toenails.

Then we were off to lunch at El Torito, (free b-day entree, YAY!)

Next we headed to a Buddhist Temple in Hacienda Heights. I have never been in a Buddhist Temple and it is on my bucket list to visit the places of worship of many Faiths.  This goes along with the occasional reading I do educating myself about different faiths.  I find it fascinating.  I wanted to take more photos, but they did not allow them inside the two temple buildings out of respect for those there to worship. I didn't want to be some weird tourist, so my photo taking was minimal. Was also amused that they had a dress code.  Some women and children were also there sightseeing and had strapless dresses on.  No bare shoulders in the temple.  Totally like a bit of modesty when it comes to faith, but this is just me.

The temple was lovely, they have free audio guided walking tours.  An area to purchase tea or to have free hot tea.  Many people came to worship while we were there. Emily and I enjoyed watching their traditions.  Mostly female Monks walked the grounds, heads shaved, in their garments reading from what I would guess were religious books...or speaking with followers and doing chores.  I really enjoyed it and gathered some education about the Buddhist Faith.

Carved marble Foo Dogs guard the entrance to the first temple.  And I can't help but smile at a Happy Buddha.  Did you know that the large ears on a Buddha signifies Compassion?  That we should listen more than we speak.  I love this symbolism.  The fat belly signifies prosperity.

From there, Emily and I headed home to tend to the doggies and then had a date with one of my sons to see the film, "The Great Gatsby". was awesome and we LOVED it...except for the sad parts.  :-(

My B-day was lovely and do I feel "older"?  Well, from the day before, no.  But from years past, Yes
I do.  The body and energy DOES change. Thank YOU Menopause.  ;-/

I also feel more well rounded (not just my figure either)  ;-)...more grounded, relaxed and centered than I did even a year ago....especially more than a decade ago.  So, youth while it has it's perks...not sure I'd trade it for spending time with my kids when they were small again.  But that's what Grandchildren are for!  

Friday, some friends and I headed to The Vintage Marketplace to shop and visit friends.  I use to sell at this show.  It is a wonderful place to sell and to buy.  But my life is taking a different direction which is why I am not selling there right now.  It is always a beautiful show put on my two people I LOVE and respect very much, Rita Reade and Christie Repasy.   It is so much fun to visit all of my lovely friends who sell and buy here.  The event is as much social for me as it is for buying!

Saturday my man built a bookshelf I conceptualized for my Studio.  This is an entirely different Blog post I will share tomorrow.  Wait until you see it!  Totally RAD!!

My B-day weekend ended spending it with the littlest light of my Life.  My grandson.  Yep, my age is just fine, because I have this little man in my life...

Life is Rich because of the people I have in it.



  1. Such sweet words Lisa and I do know what you are saying about age...can't believe at 56 I am still chasing my dreams and will never give that up. Life just moves us in different directions but faith, wisdom, love , family and friendships are all of what make our worlds complete.It was so neat seeing you and Emily, she is so beautiful and full of life just like her Mom. With age comes more wisdom. XO

    1. Loved seeing you Sandra! Wish distance between visits were not so spread out. Please give my love to Pam. Haven't stopped thinking about her. XOXO

  2. Happy Birthday Lisa! I just celebrated my 57th on Saturday,glad to hear you had a good one.

  3. Lisa love your Lisa-day. I would love to visit the Temple too. So peaceful. Baci dalla Regina