Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Halloween & Vine Recap, Glitterfest COUNTDOWN!

Well, it is about HIGH TIME...I blogged.  Sheesh.
I recently was honored to participate in Halloween and Vine.
A Halloween Mixed media show in Petaluma, Ca.
It was the coolest show I think I have ever done.
First of all, I LOVE Halloween.  The caliber of artists there was impressive.
Secondly, the organizer outdid themselves in their organization and hospitality.
If you are a Halloween enthusiast.  It is worth the trip to attend.  Truly.

I didn't take pics of other artist's work.  Just mine.
But if you want to see more of what is there, please visit their website...http://www.halloweenandvine.com/

or their FB page...

They have a really cool video there of the show.

Almost forgot to mention that on the same day as Halloween and Vine...Rob and I ran across town to participate in ART IS YOU's artist Sale in the evening.
We were POOPED doing two shows in one day, but it was a really fun weekend!

Here are pics of my table.
A lot of this work sold, but much of it will be coming with me to Glitterfest
this Saturday, October 12th in Anaheim.
If you are in Southern California, Glittefest is wonderful and NO, it is not all Glitter.
I don't even use glitter in my work.
It is a truly mixed media show and I am honored for this to be at least my 8th time
being an attending artist there.

I have a few surprises up my sleeve not photographed here that will be at Glittefest for the first time.  
I like to always surprise my customers with something new each show.

Hope to see you there and enjoy the pics!



  1. Great pictures Lisa! it was a really fun, well run show, wasn't it?! I loved all your new creations!
    I still can't get over how Lesley, Stephanie & Dennis went way above board to make us comfy & happy :)
    See ya at GF!

  2. Your table and offerings are Gorgeous!