Wednesday, October 30, 2013


This is my daughter Emily, with her oldest of 3 brothers, Brandon
For those of you who know Emily, she is bright, articulate and kind.  But she is after all, a teenager. 

Last weekend, I worked on custom
Orders for clients. This included sculpting tiny pumpkins and such of polymer clay. 

My studio is in the old living room next to the kitchen. So I asked daughter to turn the oven on and set it to 275 degrees. She says, "what for?". I replied, to bake my pumpkins. She retorts, "it needs to be 375 degrees".  Um, "no" I reply. She continues to challenge me. Frig. So I go into a diatribe about how I have been sculpting with polymer for over 25 years, since there was only Fimo available. Don't tell me you snarky teenager what temp the oven should be. I have probably only burned Things twice out of thousands of things I have made all these years. She concedes, my pumpkins get baked and all is well.

Fast forward to yesterday. I have one last custom bubble ring to make with a 1 inch sculpted character for the inside. I pop him in the oven and return to my studio. After a time, I smell what polymer should
NOT smell like while baking. Dammit if I didn't bake the stupid thing at 375. 

Half irritated and half laughing, I now have a living testament to my darling daughter of why we don't bake polymer at 375.

She laughed at me when she returned home from school and I showed her. 

Oh, the bittersweet irony!

Have a wonderful day!  Happy creating!