Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Trash Picker....EEEWWWW!!!!

Been a bit of a trash picker yesterday and today.
The Starbucks at my local B&Noble is closing.
So there is the GIANT rollaway dumpster filled
with all kinds of metal and scraps that I just wanted to haul away.
One the side of said dumpster is two palates, a big broken mirror and one of Starbucks
really cool metal magazine racks.
So, I look around for a contractor.
There are several contractor trucks.

Ask the guy I found, "is this stuff trash?
This stuff should really be recycled"

He says, "Well, the stuff in the dumpster Starbucks corporate won't allow
us to touch, but this stuff over here is just trash."

My reply, "So, I can take this metal piece?"

He says, "Sure, I have never seen you before and am going inside right now."

I smiled and said, "You don't see me"

Irony is HEAVY and while trying to whisk it away, it gouged my leg.
(Blood dripping down my leg as I scramble to find my first aid kit)
Darn it...he said I could take it!!
(shaking my fist at the sky)

Isn't it cool?

Then this morning on my way back from taking Dylan to the High School...
(It's trash day in my neighborhood)
There is this old oak, wash basin dresser thing
(Crusty Metal caster wheels that still roll!)
...with a pile of other stuff near it.


Now, how to get it in my Jeep...just
then this 8th grade boy walks around the corner and offers to help get it in my car.
Sweet boy.
His Mother must be crazy too.

Also dug in the pile of rotten cardboard, a soaked mattress and old mini blinds
and uncovered two cool old teak (I think)
wood Beach chairs.
My Grandparents had some like these.

and being the occasional 
Dumpster Diva!!!!

Happy Junkin' Wednesday!


  1. Love that you did this! Free Treasures in the making!

  2. Im soooooooooooo sad that that (my) Starbucks is closing too, and even sadder that I didnt think about going that there and picking thru the dumpster!!!!! lol

  3. It's good to recycle and I'm sure you'll be doing that with what you found. Have a great day Dumpster Diva.:DD

  4. Hey Dumpster Diva, I think that could be a whole new blog...Different cities and dumpsters and their discarded treasures. It's really true, " One mans trash is another woman's treasure"
    Good eye !!!


  5. Dang....DumpsterDiva.blogspot is already taken.
    It should be a common place that people can sumbit their posts too...hmm. Could we do it on FB?

  6. Awesome !!

    love what you found!!
    annnnd free:))

    Kay Ellen

  7. I bet you were the cutest Dumpster Diva that Construction guy has ever seen!!! Love those kinds of finds!!!! Hope your leg is okay!

  8. Hey Lisa, Good thing you carry a first aid kit!
    Hope your leg is the crusty dresser and all your other goodies. Can't wait to see what you do with all your dumpster treasures!!

  9. We must be soul sisters! I have dived into so many dumpster that my kids are now afraid to ride with me! One time I was driving down a street and saw a really cool bar stool by the curb. I did a quick pull-over and asked by daughter, then 14 yrs old, to get it. She said "NO WAY" and I noticed she was sliding down her seat and hiding. What's up I asked. She replied "This is my friend Courtneys house"! Well, embarassing for her, profitable for me 'cause I still got the stool!! Hey, I've got my priorities right!! Love your blog!!!!!

  10. Lucky girl! I love that sideboard! I go 3 blocks past my school on mondays to drive the neighborhood because it is their trash day and it is a wealthy area and they throw out all kinds of goodies! I got a chair, a beautiful bassinet for a coworker with the bedding, and 2 vintage suitcases!
    Keep diving! You have the gift! hugs! karen....

  11. sounds familiar. One time I picked up a FREE item, I was so excited, adrenaline pumping I tossed it into the back of my pick up truck after a little bit of a struggle and off I went. Of course the next day my back was killing me, I had to go to the Dr., it was so not worth all the pain and effort but a great story!! I sold the piece and I still didn't make enough to cover my Dr's bills. I am glad your injury was minor.

  12. Ha, so happy to find another junker like myself! My daughter and I went to lunch in Laguna Beach one day and found a bunch of workers unwrapping cement statues that were packed in burlap coffee bean bags. They were tossing the bags in a pile to go into the dumpster and I was amazed! Amazed that someone before me hadn't scooped up all those bags! We collected as many as we could stuff in my truck. I still haven't decided what I'm going to do with them. They came from coffee bean farms from columbia, ethiopia and indonesia, and I love that each bag is marked with its own colorful logo.