Tuesday, February 1, 2011

California Winter

As much as I detest California Summers...

I LOVE California Winters.

It has been only one month since we cut our Rose Bushes back
and they are already starting to bloom.

My citrus trees are heavy with fruit.

My Nectarine and Plum trees are ready to burst with blossoms.

Oh, and how I LOVE those pink and white blossoms...

I have this GIANT Mini Marguerite Daisy bush
that was planted 7 years ago as a one gallon plant.
Each year it gets bigger and bigger like a giant round pom pom
covered in daisies.  Is is almost 5 ft wide all around.

My lavender is blooming and the bees are happy pollinating
my Eucalyptus, Rosemary and Lavender.

Kolancho survives outside all year here.

Yes, for some of the downsides to living in Southern California, 
the Winters here sure make up for it.
It rains a day or two here, then it is gorgeous.

I am thankful for this gift, 
since much of our country is buried in snow with below Zero temps right now.
The next time I hear a So Californian complain
about the winter here, I would really like to slap them,
but I won't.

I'll just show them a pic of my friend Barbara's Home, who
lives in Rhode Island and is so sick of the snow,
she is ready to hop a flight and stay at my house.

Here's to Winter, where ever you are!



  1. It's always nice to "look" at pictures of snow. I couldn't even imagine how to "live" in snow! And we complain, or at least I do when the temps get in the 50's. We are truly lucky to have the weather we do here, so I will "try" to stop complaining!

    Take care, Sue

  2. I too sure enjoy our winters here in Cali. And does our garden but we expect frost tonight so time to cover the tropicals. Thanks for sharing your blooms..............Julian

  3. I have to agree with you! I love our winters! I am not a snow bunny!
    I'll see you at Glitterfest my friend!