Friday, February 25, 2011


Feeling kinda nostalgic today.
Been digging through photos lately for my new blog, marketing, etc.
After taking a pic of Emily this morning,
I started thinking about her Dad.

She is such a wonderful, Super bright and talented Kid....funny too.
I hope from wherever he is in the Universe, he can see her
and he is proud at how she is turning out.
He was crazy about her and she is such a blend of both of us.
He use to say, "With my talent and yours, she is going to be the next 
Frank Lloyd Wright"

John has been gone over 7 years, but not a day goes by that I don't think about him.
He was a General Contractor, Cowboy and all around Good Guy!
There wasn't anything that guy could not build.
He held certifications in almost every aspect of construction,
able to build a house from the bottom up,
could weld, build a car, did fine woodworking.
Everything he did, he taught himself to do.
We worked very well together and had immense mutual respect for each other's abilities.

We were married on a hillside in a field of wildflowers.

Yes, he looked like Wyatt Earp and YES, I had black hair at the time. 
Then we had a good old fashioned Back Yard BBQ Country Reception.
Red/white checkered tablecloths, coke bottles with wildflowers,
bales of hay with galvanized bins of bottled water, beer and such.
Before DIY weddings became the Rage.

We were re-purposing vintage finds 12 years ago,
before it all really started taking off like it is now.

Shelves from Footboards...

a few of His Carvings...

One of the Benches we built...
Our kitchen cabinets he rebuilt as well as window frame/shelf...

A Cradle We designed together...Emily slept in in for a short time.
Em puts her shoes in it now.
The second moon on the wall was the template we created for the finished product.
It now hangs High on my studio wall.

I had a store for about 6 months,  John welded the metal for this sign
and of course cut the wood, which I Painted.

This is the year my youngest son Dylan graduates from High School.
It was the year, he and I talked of finally moving to the country somewhere.
Country Boy he was, he was vying for Montana or Texas.
A place he could have horses.
I just wanted to live somewhere with seasons, some land, a HUGE garden...
a place where you weren't on TOP of your neighbors
and of course a big old Barn with His/Her Workshops.

Life goes on and my life is not bad,
but some days one is more nostalgic than others.

Have a lovely weekend friends.


  1. I love you and you always make me cry! I am so proud of you my dear friend, you have come a long way baby!!!!

  2. I too had to wipe a tear from my eye. What a beautiful post and such a tribute to a very beautiful person that I know holds a very special place in your heart!

    Take care my friend, Sue

  3. Oh how I know what you are saying. You are lucky to have beautiul children to help share the memories.

    On the lighter side, I laugh now when I see someone giving a Peace sign. I was taking a picture of my 4 year niece last year and then she took a pic of me and I held up my fingers in the Peace sign and she says to me "what are you doing with your fingers"? I thought boy am I old and of course it's another "learned" gesture. ha ha

    see ya soon. hugs, jackie

  4. You've touched my heart with your fond memories. Thank you for sharing them with me! He sounds like an AMAZING person!

  5. Such a sweet tender post...thank you for sharing it my friend. Miss you.
    XO Bridgette

  6. Thank you for sharing this very special part of your life.

  7. It strikes a chord with us all....a love meant only for you...a life shared....the beauty of collaboration and mutual respect....a child, adored and cherished that makes the 2 halves whole....

    What a wonderful man you chose....I'm sure he's proud of all of you and supporting from afar :)