Saturday, February 19, 2011

My Muse

After what has been a really BAD 8 is time I posted SOMETHING.
I will start at Last Friday11th, where this post really started.

On Friday the 11th, Emily had the day off
for one of the President's Days.

We spent the entire day drawing and painting in my studio.

That kid can sketch and sketch and sketch.
I admire her childlike absence of fear
and the fact that her creativity is so fluid.
Her young mind is clutter free.  No deadlines, bills to pay,  laundry to do, 
groceries to buy, dinner to make, house to clean, etc. etc..
All of the stuff that jumbles my creativity is devoid watching her
fill pages with drawings.

We both chose canvases and away we went.

I LOVE Emily's drawing on the canvas.
She did not want to paint it.
When queried, she said she was afraid, so I didn't push.  
She will start painting when she is ready.

The girl I created is a representation of myself...
happily taking the leap into the great blue sky, brush and palate in hands.
Onto my new direction.
Rita says it should be my new business card.

Yesterday I decided to paint Emily's girl while she was at school...
she was so surprised
to come home and see her done and Loves it!

Our work side by side.

 I look forward to a lifetime of creating and painting beside my daughter Muse, Emily.
 I want to absorb her childlike fearless creativity and hope she maintains it before the
realities of adulthood take over.


  1. You girls are SO TALENTED!!! I absolutely love both of them!!! And I agree that should be your business card, so fun! Can't wait to see you girls.

  2. I love them both!!

    Makes my heart sing :))

    Kay Ellen

  3. they both make me feel so happy.

  4. She is definitely following in your talented footsteps Lisa. I agree with Rita about it being your business card, I totally see you in that painting.

    Take care,

  5. What a WONDERFUL post--I hope she never loses her attitude towards art no matter how old she is-I love that about children!!
    And--YES!--this would be a most excellent business card--it explains you to people without any words.

  6. Lisa , I think you have more of a child-like playfulness in all you create than you realize, whether you are painting or making jewelry or decorating etc.... I think it's what we all admire about you. Keep moving forward without fear!!! XO, Christie

  7. Principessa! I wish I could have seen Emily's face when you showed her the finish product. Love the Happiness in it. Baci Rita

  8. There is something very, very special that kids bring out in us! Think has a lot to do with the way they touch our hearts! Emily definately takes after her Mama!

    Take care, Sue

  9. You 2 are a force to be reckoned with! I think Em should design stationery for young ladies like herself. Its fresh and fun. Ok, i see an entire product line developing......we need to talk. Remember your goal to get a rep? I have 5 of the best.Lots of experience and will honestly tell you where your market is. This could be HUGE!!!!!

  10. Priceless!!! :-)