Thursday, February 10, 2011


Do you know the "SHOULD BE's"???

(this is them)

I am rather well acquainted with them lately.

Having three shows coming up, I
Should be working my fingers to the bone to produce work....
Should be doing some drawings for Vintage Susie who is going to re-do my blog....
Should be doing everything else but what I did today.


I didn't want to.

(Can't you see me stomping my feet???)

Instead, there was this beautiful vintage velvet pillow cover haunting me.

It kept taunting me for the past two years....

"DOOO something with me..." it pleaded

Inspiration came when I got this SUPER cool Bag at Sirens and Saints at the last Urban Barn sale
a few weeks ago.
Now I couldn't very well ignore my sudden inspiration, could I?

Sooo the "Should Be's" were silenced and I went to work constructing my new Bag.

I did decorative whip stitching up both sides of the strap which is a wide hem
that was cut off of damask drapes.

This UBER cool Gold Velvet Bow thingy, (think it was a headband)
was altered and sewn on the new purse strap...

Decorating buttons and crocheted roses were attached to cover the raw edge of the bow...

Cool Fringe was added to the underside of what would become the front flap of the bag
and a lining was constructed of a piece of vintage damask curtains...

I boxed off the inside corners to give the lining a squared


A gorgeous vintage brooch was added to the front flap.
Now the pillow cover that haunted me is Happy.
And I have another cool bag to carry.

Now, I haven't totally been resting on my laurels lately.
The "Have Been's" have been very inspirational.
Have Been doing Yoga Every day.
 Have Been eating well.
Have Been losing weight and toning up.
Have Been planning my new artwork & year.

Guess it is not as bad as it all sounds.

So, tomorrow the "Should Be's" will be replaced with the 
"Will Be's"  who WILL force me to get to work on what I SHOULD have been doing today...

That is of course until the "Could Be's" sneak through the window and distract me once more....

Hope you have an INspirational Friday and weekend,
forget the "Should Be's"
and do what you WANT!!!



  1. Principessa! This is the best part of been an artist. Never feel guilty for creating something so beautiful. Ciao Rita mammabellarte

  2. have got to be the coolest chick I know!! Come on, a vintage pillow turned out amazing!! Can't wait to see what's next. OMG! I know those "Should Be" guys and they get on my last nerve...taking your advise!
    P.S. I'll have Madonnas at Chateau...will you have your stacky trays??? I was so distracted at Urban Barn I forgot to give you my box of tray stuff...

  3. Lisa, this is amazing !!! Always follow your heart when the inspiration strikes there will be plenty of time for the "should-do's". There is no rhyme or reason to being an artist! XO, Christie

  4. Absolutely awesome and all from your creative streak. So you SHOULD BE making some more for Glitter Fest.. haha.. Oh btw when is a good time for that gloves class? Let me know.. (:

  5. The posts above and this one is actually from Gweny .. Cayla is my daughter..

  6. So beautiful!!!
    What can't you do?
    Happy Valentines Day ...


  7. Soooo pretty Lisa!

    Have a blessed week:))

    Kay Ellen

  8. I LOOOOVE that bag Lisa! see you soon at Glitterfest! karen....

  9. Shelly makes the most beautiful bags, love the one you got and also the bag you made after having been inspired, the fabric and color is lovely! I love Bohemian Bags... whether making my own or buying those that I fall in love with created by other Artists. Thanks for stopping by a recent Post.

    Blessings... Dawn... The Bohemian

  10. Lisa, you are so talented and your daughter is a chip off the block!! Beautiful painting by both of you. I love your vintage bag!! See you at Chateau's Sale!