Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Soldering Insanity...

or is it Soldering, Insanely???
It is a LOVE/HATE relationship for me.
Just like when I use to do mosaic work.

LOVE the outcome and design portions.
In soldering, copper foil taping hundreds of crystals and baubles sucks,
but I LOOOOVE melting the solder and assembling the pieces.
In mosaic work, I LOVE cutting with the Tile saw and creating the assemblage...but
it is the last process I dislike, grouting.

Anyway, I digress.

Finally got to some projects that have been sitting on my shelf and 
wandering around my head for some time.

I have on the past year collected some soldered pieces from some artists I truly respect
and have now added to my collection.

LOVE my Bling Baby Bottle.
Will make more of these to sell.

The bottle with the Pink Tulip was made by Darlah Mulloy of Le Muse.
Her work can be found at The Urban Barn.

The cute "Vintage" bauble was made by my Best Amica Rita Reade
The French dancing girl is one of the first pendants I soldered.

Rita also made this darling Amore bottle that she gifted to me.
I LOVE her!

This Amazing "Artist" Frida Cloche was made by my friend 
Robin taught me how to solder, was it 2 or  years ago, I am not sure!
All I know is I had to have this Frida.

Another talented fellow Artist Friend Lori Gutierrez of http://lorigutie.blogspot.com/
Made the Sacred Heart bottle. 

I soldered the Lady Bust, but the bottle was purchased from another good friend
of mine Tara Wilson of http://lulumaxjewelry.blogspot.com.
I instantly knew I wanted to solder on this piece, it was full of wine
and NO I did not drink it...it was poured into my Dia De Los Muerte Skull.

I made two of these crowns and 6 of the ones below.
These are small and will be for sale at my upcoming shows.
They are FABULOUS with a tealight inside them

The Mermaid crown is just lovely
Sea glass, crystals and baubles...with a tiny vintage mermaid 
encased in a shadow box up front.

The "State of Grace" crown is an assemblage
of lots of metal and crystals.
It too looks great with a candle in the middle as does the mermaid crown.

The above crown I made with my friend Rita at a class we taught together.

My Dia de los Muerte skull is a Vodka Bottle I bought just so
I could have the bottle...we had fun drinking the vodka too!

Love my Quan Yin statues, she is on a really pretty etched bottle
with a torch soldered and hammered pendant
which says "Be the Change".

This was the Crown Rita and I just taught a couple weeks ago at my home studio.

Look for more soldering classes from Rita and I in a few months.

After my hands heal from soldering hundreds of crystals!



  1. How How How am I going to express my excitement? Your post, your pictures are amazing. I am so jealous of your collection! Not only you have some of the most bellissimo work from artists but yours blends in just perfect Principessa!
    Can't wait to teach a class with you Ciao

  2. how awesome! i'm in love with that sacred heart bottle- wow!! and the "artist" bottle too! thanks for sharing...everything is wonderful! xo

  3. Great post Lisa. Love seeing your collection and thanks for the mention. I'm gonna have to get one of those vodka skulls!!!!! LOVE that piece! So amazing. See you soon my friend!