Monday, September 12, 2011

Pink or Cream?

Okay Girls...Opinion Poll here...

Last Month in Phoenix at Art Unraveled, my pal Tricia
took me to Zinnia's, this fabulous Antique store that she has two spaces in.

I found this case and no brainer, had to buy it.
It was the only thing I bought on my trip and it was $62.00.
It is a vintage counter display for Spiegel Watches.
My son Brandon cut the inside bottom from me as it had those
slot thingys for watched to slide into.
It is perfect for shows as it is Plastic and the windows are clear acrylic.

But I want to repaint it and antique it...SOOO.

Pink or Cream?

Then it will be antiqued with a rub of gold.

I await your replies...XOXO


  1. Hi Lisa, Thank you so much for my amazing deals on your wonderful treasures...and of course so great to see you!
    My choice would be cream...but I do have to say that the pink is so "YOU"!!
    Bunches of X's

  2. Rustic dirty cream patina ! with a rub of pinky Cute little case!!


  3. They are both cute, hummm... pink is fun :)
    cream is elegant .

  4. OK Pink is my color but for this I would say cream since your going to antique it with gold. Either way I am sure it will be beautiful as all your pieces are.

  5. I'd go for the cream, grunted out! Riki

  6. I'm kind of lovin' the cream! But then again, anything you touch turns out so awesome!!

    Take care, Sue

  7. I pick pink, because you are a pink girl in my minds eye. The cream is just a little expected and I never get what is expected from you.

  8. Well I say Pink ! I don't know why but that color just makes me feel pretty, warm fuzzy color etc. It makes me smile. Fun to have met you Lisa and been a part of this amazing Show. Cream is the safe color,.....I'm just saying.