Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Pink AND Cream

So, I had a lot of fun creating this piece yesterday and 
a GREAT BIG....THANK YOU to my friends who gave me advice on the colors.

It has been "Lisa-fied"

Started with the Antique White base and went on from there.

I love old Barbola roses, so decided to colorize
the little rose swags that surround the base.

Then it was 2 layers of browns, rubs of that pink and then rubs of gold.

I was seriously at an impasse as to what to do with the 
ovals that had the word "Spiegel" in them.

Thought about just doing my name as that is what I do business under, but bleck.

Branding is one thing, but my name in four places around the tops seems so pretentious.

Since a lot of my other displays have random letters and most of my new jewelry line has words
and phrases of inspiration, I went with the words in the ovals with of a base of sweet scrapbook paper.

The same scrapbook paper used in the ovals was placed at the interior bottom.

It creates a cohesive design and is not obtrusive enough to compete with whatever is placed on top.

Then, since I was on a roll, took this fun cup holder
purchased at a thrift store years ago.
Dang, I forgot to take a before of this, but it was bright white with decoupaged butterflies on it.
Had stuck a doll head on top of it for the past two years.
So, it also got re-done and so continues the unification
of my display pieces.

Painted the background of this frame on the original little canvas that was inside.
Loosely mimicking the scrapbook paper pattern and colors used on the case.

Now, onto a few more pieces to re-do today.

Happy Creating Friends!!



  1. You have such talent! Love the way everything came out, and love the color you chose as well!!

    Take care, Sue

  2. Oh Lisa, I just love them both! You made them so beautiful! I love the lettering. So YOU!