Sunday, May 29, 2011

Peace-ful Project

This really cool round light fixture is from IKEA.

Bought it a few months back and had it hanging over the dining room table.
Looks like a Halo.  Plan was to do something with it, 
so today Emily and I created a wall hanging.

We took a strand of white lights and started winding it around the fixture....

Creating a Peace sign of lights.
Pretty even plain...

We then took some flowers and cut them short enough to weave into the fixture. 

So happy with the outcome.

Now...where to hang it?

We agreed to hang on the wall behind the TV.

Such a nice little PEACE-ful project to do with my daughter.

Would make a darling wall hanging in a teenager's room.
I am sure it will find the way into Emily's Room here soon.

Peace & Love to you this Cool Sunday.

Lisa & Emily


  1. Oh wow!That is outstanding!I love the idea, now I have to look for something round to try the same thing for my studio. Thanks for the idea. Have a great week. It looks beautiful even without the flowers. Great time spent with daughter as well. Good for you!

  2. Love it! how PeaceFul!
    Good work Emily!

  3. where can I find a light fixture like that? :)

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