Friday, May 13, 2011

Wild Hairs

Don't you just LOVE wild hairs???

Oops, not this kind...

Or even this kind, all though they are both cute!

Nor those pesky wild chin hairs...
(I KNOW you know what I am talking about)

I mean those Wild Hair Ideas that possess you and take control over
you until they are out of your system.

Well, today I had one of those and decided to take a break from working on my Line for The Gift Show, to pursue the Wild Hare until it was tame.

I have this really COOL floor lamp.  Too nice to take apart, like I do everything.
Not being a fan of traditional lampshades, uh, traditional anything really....
I scoured my studio for something that could be "altered" into a lamp shade.

Hmmm...a rusty cool birdcage, this should do...

NOT digging the Ball feet or Ball finial, those had to come off...

Cool lamp, huh?
Off to "The Rabbit Hole" 
(Garage Studio where the really cool tools are) 

Time to cut off the bottom rungs with bolt cutters...

Table Vice to assist me with Muscle and get the ball feet off... to decorate it?
I needed to do something that would diffuse the light
from the 2 bulbs, but still show that it was a cage.
Lace and trim should work, goodness knows
I am a secret vintage lace/trim hoarder.

Okay, I am SUPER happy with this and even won the approval of my 17 year old son!

The darling bird is made by my friend Val...she is a master wool felter.

Even looks cute lit up...

The Finial is created from Vintage Beaded Flowers.

Here's to  a Happy Springtime project

Always pursue your wild hairs!
Have a great weekend!


  1. Ok...I soooo want to copy this. You are too much talent for one person!

  2. Oh my Gosh!!!!! Too cute Lisa:) Thanks again for the bracelet blanks. Loved your home. So inspiring:)

  3. I love it Lisa and had to tell you my HAIR SALON in Northern Calif was named THE WILD HARE!!! You would have loved it, such great memories! Love you!!!

  4. Oh mY PrinCIpessa! you know how much I love birdcages? and this one is So OrigiNal, never see one like it. YOu are So talented. Ciao Rita

  5. Wow Lisa~ you should chase wild hairs more often! So cute.

  6. So cute Lisa! what an imagination you have :) XO Christie

  7. Lisa, what an adorable birdhouse lamp! I love how you modified your materials, and am impressed with your creativity- and your garage workshop! I'm so glad to see the little bird has come to live at such a creative homestead :o)
    xx, Val

  8. Oh Lisa - that really turned out cute! Love it!