Monday, June 13, 2011

Field Trip Friday

This past Friday Emily & I headed out the door at 8 am to meet some friends
for a field trip at Keys Creek Lavender Farm.

We LOVE field trips and adventures, so we were excited to take off.
The Lavender Farm is in the country, an area called Valley Center.
Winding roads, cool pieces of property.  Lots of oak trees.

When you take a right on the dirt road you really feel like you are on an adventure...

I am a country girl at heart and adore
old dirt roads covered with trees...

Another couple bends and this is the first lavender field to greet you...

I was trying to get a picture of the bee, see him blurry on the flower closest to the foreground?
I love bees.  Without them, we would not have a lot of our food and flowers.

Lots of lovely varieties here...look at the various shades of Lavender!

After the Lavender Farm, it was off to lunch at our friend Christine's House...
er...ESTATE!  Great piece of property, loving the birdhouses in her garden!

Christine, Vicki and Rachel treated us to a delicious lunch and then we were off to Matilda's Mouse.
Having hear of Matilda's Mouse for the past 2 years, it was a treat to finally get to go!

Look, more FABULOUS  birdhouses!!

Um, my favorite things...the Broken down pickup truck and the uber cool,
Fairy-like Birdhouse below!

Darling vignettes everywhere...
Loving the ceramic bunnies.

The entrance decked up for 4th of July!

Lastly, this is Matilda herself.
The 15 year old namesake for the store.
Poor thing, she is blind AND deaf.
Doesn't look happy to me.

What a FUN day!
Just what we needed, to go spend time with about a dozen good friends...
and you know you are in the company of good women, when not one
woman fought over any antiques that another was buying!!!
True Friendship!

Love you ladies!
Where are we going next?


  1. Love your pics! You really captured day. Already looking forward to the next outing!!

  2. Thanks for the great "eye candy"! What a beautiful place to visit. The poor little dog. I guess for me, I've always felt that at least for our pets, we can choose what is the best for them, you know. Anyway, loved the pictures of your field trip!

    Take care, Sue

  3. Great pictures Lisa some of them could become paintings! I sure had allot of fun with you and the girls! XO Christie

  4. Hi Lisa! Boy, I wish I could have enjoyed the trip with all of you. Macy had her first piano recital that evening and I didn't want to chance cutting it too close being so far away. You took some beautiful photos! We'll have to make plans for another adventure and Macy and Em can hang out. Have a blessed week chickie!

  5. I wish I didn't miss it! Your pictures are amazing. Sigh! Next time!
    xo, Amber

  6. What an amazing day ~ how I wish I could have been with you. Thank you for the wonderful photos, Lisa. Now at least I feel like I was kinda there! :-)

  7. I could smell the lavender from here with those pictures, Beautiful!!! Sorry I missed it :(

    how did the tart turn out ???


  8. Great pictures it looks like a good time with special friends. Thanks for taking us along on your adventure.