Tuesday, May 25, 2010

What a Weekend!

I think I am finally recouperated from one of the most amazing weekends ever!

First my Bling Babies and I headed out to Glitterfest in Santa Ana...

The Babies were a hit and many found new homes that day...

One of my favorites is the sweet one in the middle with the mask...
I was sad to see him leave!

The Pink baby went home with a lovely lady also named Lisa!

Bling Babies, for your Bling...Babey!

This sweet girl went home with my good friend Sharon Benson who sells at Country Roads and Tea Leaf Cottage in Orange.

I got so busy after this last shot that I had to put my camera away, only I left it on by accident and the batteries died, so no more pictures until Monday.

Then Sunday I headed to The Mermaid's Mercantile in Solan Beach and my good friend Debi Beard's store...http://themermaidsmercantile.blogspot.com/

It was a beautiful day at the Mercantile too!

On Monday I headed to Stampington to meet up with Editor Extraordinaire

We had lunch, she picked through my trays of jewelry for possible submission to Jewelry Affaire.
I also left a few Bling Babies and Helping Hands with another editor for possible publication in Somerset Studio.

Beth is a wonderful young lady who at her tender age has and does an amazing job.
Her freshness and youth are inspiring and refreshing!  I truly appreciate her perspective.
  She has been a source of encouragement for me
and I just adore working with her.

I created the below piece just for her.
It is a compilation of all the things I know she loves.

A beautiful weekend, filled with fun and beautiful friends!

Love all of you AMAZING ladies!!!


  1. Yeah Lisa, great babies! Love those hands. What fun you have making your beautiful pieces. Love them. Hugs, Riki

  2. Principessa I love the heads very much! Stupende, never seen something like that before. Ciao Rita

  3. Hi Lisa, it was great to meet you at Glitterfest! I love your babies and can't wait for you to come share them with us at Gilding the Lily!

  4. Hi Lisa! What fun we had at The Mermaid's Mercantile! I'm glad we finally got to meet and it was lovely spending the day with you and being your neighbor! I am amazed at everything you do. I hope to see you again soon!
    Take good care,

  5. Thanks Ladies!
    Holly, great to meet you and spend time with you too!
    Gilding the Lily Bling Baby class on August 7th!!!
    See you all soon!