Thursday, May 6, 2010

Countdown to GLITTERFEST...

Sheryl and Diane, sisters extraordinaire and Brain Mothers of Glitterfest LOVE
my doll art.  So, in honor of them and because there are so many darn women out there making jewelry, I am back at making Doll art...
  This was my table at Glitterfest Fall.

Boo baby was a were my hand sculpted Eyeball spiders...
"Eye see you."

Witch Pumpkin Fairy Diorama.

A piece of my Mannequin art...

For Glitterfest Spring, you will see FunKtional Doll pieces.
(Diane has already ordered 2)

and My newest Jewelry creations which will incorporate my painting...

Stay tuned for more!!!

Remember....Be inspired to CREATE!!!!

May 22nd...


  1. When is this Glitterfest of which you speak? This sounds like something I MUST attend.

  2. Mia Pricipessa! May 22nd is Glitterfest, it's also Santa Rita that's why I are doing too many shows, the 23rd you will be at the MM in Solana. And yes you are right, so much jewelry, I am planning something new too. Ciao Rita mammabellarte

  3. May 23rd? Same day as the Mermaid Mercantile????

  4. Looking forward to seeing your gorgeous art in person! You are so talented.

  5. Hi Lisa! I didn't get to chat with you at the Grove Sale...sorry! I did post about it on my blog this evening. Glitterfest sounds like a blast. We have the postcards at the shop and people have been picking them up. Will try to make it to Christie's sale in June. WIll you have the doll head jewelry stands then?

    take care!

  6. Thanks Nancy...Yes LOTS of doll stands!! See you then!