Monday, May 17, 2010

Helping Hands

Once upon a time I took a soldering class from a VERY talented lady named Robin Dudley-Howes....

Included in her kit was a little clothes pin all grunged up with the word "Paris" stamped on it.
she recommended using it to hold things you were soldering, like another hand.

I use clothes Pins NON stop when E6000-ing brooches, bling and metal do-dads to bracelet and ring blanks, etc.

So, in my continuing quest to find creative ways to use every spare doll part, I came up with 
"Helping Hands"

Coming to a GLITTERFEST near you...

in packages of "Two"...(both will have tiny hands, of course)

Tiny "Helping Hands" for soooo many purposes!!!

See you Saturday!!


  1. ohohoho I see my soldering classes are going to get fancier! I need those helping hands. You are a genius Principessa. See you Saturday. Ciao Rita

  2. Oh so cute! Thanks for the mention.

  3. Well these are too darn cute! Robin is great. Riki

  4. LO-O-O-V-E these helping hands! So cute and love that they are functional!