Monday, September 14, 2009


I painted murals and antique furniture for over 10 years. After my husband died, I got tired of painting. It lost its lustre for me, a lot of things did. I was always afraid to paint on canvas. Not being formally taught (have never taken an art class), I was always intimidated by the "fine art" crowd...if you catch my drift. Recently, Debi from Out of the Blue in Solana Beach visited my home. She was so complimentary about my living art studio (there is crazy stuff all over my house) and I think she was ready to hit me for not painting more. So, here I will post a few of the paintings in my home. Debi has encouraged me and I am working hard to produce some for the Flea Market Boutique and for her shop on the 27th.

Thanks Debi...I am painting again!


  1. Hey Lisa!
    Great to hear from you. And WoW! nice paintings and miniature maniquins! If you haven't heard back from glitterfest email them again. It would be great to have you there. like the music (he,he)

  2. Hey Robin:
    Yea, you inspired me to start the music thing & I copied a bunch from you and two other sites whose music I love...then added a few of my own.
    Heard from Glitterfest. They are done accepting jewelry, so I am trying to get in under the mannequins, paintings and doll heads.
    We'll see.
    Would be fun!
    Keep your fingers crossed.

  3. Oh my goodness!! I LOVE your paintings!!! I especially love the last one with the bird flying into the birdcage in the lady's hair!!