Sunday, September 20, 2009


Once upon a time there was a Daddy who waited a very long time to get married and have a child. He dreamned of having a daughter. He met this lovely lady who had three sons from her 1st marriage. They were great friends and fell in love after a year of knowing each other. He was a country cowboy, pure of heart and the most talented craftsman she had ever known. They really were a perfect match. She the artist, he the craftsman. They decided to get married and had a daughter together. Her name is Emily and she is the Apple of her Daddy's Eye.

Daddy and Emily on her 2nd Halloween!

John and Mommy always wanted to build a playhouse. They drew up plans and were getting ready to build it when the Daddy got sick. It was November of 2003, Emily was 3 years old when her Daddy died. The little family was very sad and they still talk about Daddy and know he is watching down on them. Mommy was vary strong and knew she couldn't let her 4 children down. When the dust settled, Mommy sold Daddy's Old 1971 Aqua Ford Truck and with the money, she bought Emily this darling Play house.

It is now now the smallest studio in the world, complete with electricity, where Mommy and Emily create art together. It is aptly called Daydream Cottage, because we all need a place to dream.

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