Saturday, September 19, 2009

BFFs are the best treasures!!!

Okay, so BFF is soooo, todays teenie bopper saying.
And as much as their abbreviated text messaging can be annoying...
such as...ttyl, omg, u, r, bfn, etc. BFF is so "oh my God"
which, Hello you young whipper snappers, we coined that phrase, like
in the 80's. Duh! "Like oh my god, gag me with a spoon."
You do not own "OMG", so I feel quite justified in borrowing BFF.


So, I have digressed, I am a 43 year old mother for crying out loud.

Back to the subject at hand. My BFF, Kathy, and I were out shopping about a year
ago. We shared a space in an Antique store in Ontario, Ca. Treasures and Junk

All of you Flea Market Goddesses out there, I know, understand the unspoken code
when Junking with a BFF. If she spots a treasure first, it is hers. If she decides not to take it, you can then snatch it. Any slight hesitation means it's up for grabs.
Not from her hands of course. That would break BFF Antiquing etiquette.

So it went this day we were shopping at T&J. Kathy hit this one row first and spotted, like the coolest piece of furniture that we had both ever seen. This funky almost Gothic looking Victorian piece. She decided to buy it.
I patted her on the back, happy that this treasure was going home with one of us.

A year had passed and Kathy couldn't find the right place for it in her home. She decided to try to peddle it, stopping at my house to complain about how everyone wanted to low ball her on her treasures. Thank goodness is all I can say.

We swapped for it. You know you have all swapped with a BFF for one treasure or another. I am designing/painting a dress form for her in exchange for this funky piece which has the perfect home at the end of my hall in my entry way.

Behind it is a great old door that I painted as well as the coolest jack o lanterns I scored at Joann's today.

In the end. Our BFFs are the greatest treasures of all. What would we do without our Vintage Soul Sisters cheering us on?

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