Monday, October 27, 2014

HALLOWEEN Giveaway!!!

Time for a HALLOWEEN giveaway!!!


Well, recently I just about gave up on making art to sell.
Last few months have really felt like a GIANT struggle to make anything.
Getting ready for shows was hard...I just felt lost,
then my favorite dog died.

And I felt even sadder.

But, after over 500 reads to my 
"Reality Check"
blog post...LOTS of emails from friends,
some savvy advice from a few other friends.
a very long and hard look at myself and my business structure...
I've been re-inspired.

(More like I bitch slapped myself and have put my big girl Business panties on)

I don't recant anything I wrote in that blog post and several women in
this business have concurred regarding what I wrote.

SOOOO....look or some major changes around here and I have 
a SUPER fun Surprise I will share in the next couple of months.

Other reason for the GIVEAWAY???

I LOOOOOVE Halloween!!!

So, here are the Deets.

Leave a comment on this blog, subscribe to my newsletter
(upper right corner of blog) and 
go to my new facebook Fan page,
like it and leave a comment there too.

Tell me which character above you would like to win!

"She's a Little Batty"
"Limey the Monster"

On Halloween, this Friday...I will choose
two winners!  

Look for a video of my drawing the winners this Friday!

Good Luck and THANK YOU for being such great friends
and followers!



  1. I love your art! I lovelovelove it! I have several "Lisa Lorias" and it would break my heart if I couldn't have more.

    My first impulse was to go for "She's A Little Batty" because she reminds me of the She-Devil you made for me. But Limey's expression won my heart over. So, yeah, Limey for sure.

  2. Hi Lisa - I subscribed to your newsletter - can't wait to read them. I liked your Facebook page and commented. If I win (crossing fingers and toes), I would pick She's a little batty but would be happy with Limey the monster too! Donna Wilson

  3. You're seriously The Poop, Lisa!!! I adore you and have been blessed to know you!! And oooh, that little Limey is too cute!!! <3

  4. oh, lisa..i'm so happy you're staying 'with us'! that's always my luck, I find an artist and teacher that I love and then they go and retire! thanks so much! I like the batty girl the most, but limey is cute, too!
    thanks again for staying with us! ;?)

  5. I did all of the above! Love both but I really love she's a little batty! I hope you find a balance to make your art world always doable!

  6. Glad you didn't give up because you are one of our VERY, talented artists and it would have left a hole in the art world! Did all of the above, but can't decide between the two ~ either one! Too cute!

  7. They are both TREATs for Halloween! Very tough to choose as either/or would delight me. If pressed, I must go with Limey. So glad you're sticking with the art and sale thereof! - Amy Bauer

  8. Both are so cute. I would love to win either one and add it to my Halloween collection. Thank you so much for sharing with us!

  9. I just love the little bat girl but limey is so cute too.

  10. Your art is amazing and I love both of your characters, I would be thrilled to have either. I suppose I would choose Limey though since green is my favorite color.