Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Last Classes of 2014

When I started the "little Miss" series of classes earlier this year,  based on a doll I have been making and selling for the past few years..I had no idea how my students would inspire me.  It has been both a pleasure and an adventure holding classes here in my home studio. Getting to know these women, help them grow and be fearless with painting eyes and eyebrows!!!  ;-)  Several ladies came regularly and my gratitude to them is immense.  I am only doing two more classes of this style of doll, not just for the year...but for good.  There are many reasons for this, most of which is purchasing these vintage dolls ONE AT A TIME online and paying sometimes $15 for one, just to be sure I had enough to cover the class or the multiple kit orders from loyal customers located out of state.  But mainly because I am changing my business significantly and these dollies are not part of the new "business Model" I am creating for myself.

Both of the following dolls are inspired by two students in particular...

"Miss Mary's Circus Girl"
Class is Saturday, November 22nd.
9am to 3pm
cost is $110 and includes lunch and all supplies.

The second class will is
"Little Miss Jeanine LOVES Pink"
Class is Saturday, December 6th
10 am-3 pm
Cost is $90 and includes lunch and all supplies

What you should know about my classes...we have FUN.  I am lighthearted and ENCOURAGE you to personalize your doll.  I help my students as much or as little as they need me to.  I have often painted eyes and eyebrows for much of the class.  Tiny painting can be intimidating and I am here to help you! Having the class here in my studio allows us access to LOTS of paint options.  You do NOT have to make your dolls the colors I have.  Have fun with it and make her your own!

I do have a limited number of kits available for both of these dolls, with written instructions.
Circus Kit is $70, Retro Kit is $60...plus shipping.

Email me for to sign up...daydreampainter@aol.com

Also, THANK you for all of the emails, comments, calls and texts from my friends/students/fellow artists regarding my post from a few days ago.

MUCH love to you all!!!


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